9 DIY Valentine Boxes

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Ah, the day of love and friendship. You’re probably going to need a box for that. Have no fear check out this list of 9 DIY valentine boxes.

Personalized Boxes

It doesn’t get more personal than your FACE. I love when the child’s picture is incorporated into the valentine box. Like this one here from Meaningful Mama.

DIY Valentine Boxes
Meaningful Mama

This FEED ME Valentine box has been a big hit at our house. We have made them multiple times for school. Taking the picture to put on the box is half the fun.

Animal Boxes

The trendy llama would make an adorable valentine box. This box needs some cotton balls and a few extras to be Valentines Day ready.

DIY Valentine boxes
Plaid Online

For starters I know that a unicorn is NOT a real animal. But, as far as my first grader is concerned that is the category it fits into. So along with the trendy llama here is an adorable unicorn valentine box.

DIY Valentine Boxes
Artsy Fartsy Mama

Everyday Objects

The ipod may be a little out of date compared to the iPhone but it still makes for a pretty sweet Valentine box. That you could also upgrade into an iPhone.

DIY Valentine Boxes
Mommy Lessons 101

Flushed away. I am a fan of bathroom humor so this toilet valentine box totally speaks to me. In fact, it even has a speaker in it that can make a flushing sound. Awesome.

Today’s Fabulous Find

Trash Bin Box

It’s not actually a box or made out of a box but functionally its totally a valentine box. You can sometimes find these tiny trash bins at your local dollar store. Add some vinyl lettering and TADA super cute trashcan Valentine box.

DIY Valentine Boxes
U-Create Crafts

Check. It. Out. Any Star Wars fan would surely have the force with them if they had this R2D2 trash bin valentine box.

The Joys Of Boys

Food Box

This taco is cracking me up. It would be sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who dropped a valentine into it.

DIY Valentine Boxes
Artsy Fartsy Mama

While the cactus itself is technically not food you can eat its fruit. This cactus would be pretty easy to make. There is a free template at Fun 365. So grab your box and some paper and you are minutes away from this super cute cactus valentine box.

DIY Valenitne Boxes
Fun 365

Every child needs a fun place to store all their valentines. Try one of these 10 DIY valentine boxes to put a smile on your valentine’s face.

9 DIY Valentine Boxes

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