DIY Disney Halloween Decorations

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With simple tips, pictures, and tutorials, these DIY Disney Halloween Decorations are a must-have for celebrating the spooky season!

What are popular decorations used for Halloween?

The most popular decor items for Halloween include pumpkins, witches, spiderwebs, skeletons, and ghosts. Other common symbols are black cats, scarecrows, vampires, Frankenstein, and mummies, and bats.

While some Halloween decor leans into the “scary” side with blood, gore, and death, other decor items are more light-hearted and “spooky”.

These Disney decoration ideas incorporate a lot of those common Halloween symbols. They lean into the “spooky” side rather than the “scary” side, making them great decor options for families with young kids!!

How to Make Halloween Decorations on a Budget

Did you know that Americans spend about $6 billion annually on Halloween?!? Don’t worry, my jaw ALSO dropped when I heard that.

But here’s the thing, Halloween decorations don’t have to cost a ton of money. If you want to decorate for the Halloween season but don’t want to break the bank, try implementing some DIY best practices.

Here are a few tips for MAKING Halloween decorations on a budget:

  • Reuse/recycle items that you already own
  • Thrift items
  • Look for discounts and sales
  • Get materials before the holiday season
  • Buy in bulk (things like paper, glue, etc.)
  • Buy holiday decor/materials right after the holiday (to use next year)

Using any or all of these tips will help you get the materials you need to make festive crafts and projects but for a fraction of the price for in-store goods.

Is it really worth it to DIY my decor?

You may be thinking this ^. And maybe a little of this: ‘I could save time by just buying stuff from Target or Home Goods.’

BUT the answer is….

YES!! It is worth it to make your own decorations.

While you may have to use a little time and elbow grease to make these items, they are an opportunity for fun. More than that, the money you save on decor can go towards creating even more special moments and memories with your family. And THAT is what you really want.

So, spend a little time. Get those craft materials out. And make something you’ll be proud of!

And while you’re getting ready for Halloween, check out this Mystery Bag game, Halloween Gingerbread House, and these Halloween Party Snacks.

Tips and Tricks for Holiday Decorating For Cheap

So I mentioned a few tips earlier about finding materials for DIYs, but here are some other thoughts about doing your own decor projects.

Halloween Decorating Tips and Tricks

  • Rather than buying fresh items such as pumpkins every year, decorate with plastic or styrofoam ones instead. While you will need a little bit of storage room, this helps prevent waste and repeated costs.
  • Use paper to decorate wherever possible. Paper is one of the cheapest decorating supplies, so it can make a little bit of money go a long way! And let’s be real. You can make just about anything out of paper.
  • Choose decor projects that your kids can help with. Then, you’re getting a 2 for one. You get a fun activity for your kids AND you also get holiday decorations. That’s a steal if I ever heard of it.

Why you’ll love these Disney Halloween Decorations

Your kids LOVE Disney. So if you make your house like Disney, that means your kids will LOVE you, right? Right 😉

Ok but seriously. When you have young kids, you want them to *enjoy* Halloween. Generally, this means avoiding all the scary stuff like haunted mansions, demons, and spells.

Using Disney Halloween decorations means that you can still play into the fun holiday while keeping it light and cheery. All the decor items I have included in this post stick to that theme of being fun rather than scary.

Hopefully, you find something you like!

Disney Halloween Decor

1. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

Pumpkins are one of the most popular decorations for fall. This Mickey Mouse pumpkin is a great way to add a little Disney flare to your front porch.

2. Disney 3 Tier Display

It’s one thing to decorate the outside of your house, but you can take it to the next level by theming the INSIDE of your home for the holidays. One easy way to do this is through 3 tier displays. This display incorporates Disney items along with bright oranges and black for a spooky and fun decoration.

3. Monsters Inc Door

I know, I know. This Halloween door decoration from Monsters Inc. was actually done in a school. However, it was so cute, that I just had to add it in here! I mean look at that cute monster. Plus, with the free traceables it comes with, you don’t even have to be an artist. All you need is some paper, scissors, and tape!!

4. Halloween Mickey Ghost

Isn’t this the most stinkin’ cute ghost you ever saw?? With a hanging light, a sheet, and a few other materials, you can create a friendly ghost that your kiddos will be obsessed with.

5. DIY Coco Papel Picado Banner

For those who want to skip the blood and gore, Coco is JUST THE THING! Coco is all about Dia De Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. Because of this, it works well for Halloween decorations. The bright colors make Coco-inspired decor very family-friendly, which I love.

6. Bat Garland

Garlands are a nice form of decoration because they can be hung up anywhere. On your porch, on the wall, across your fireplace. They are out of the reach of kids, simple to make, and generally low cost. Definitely try making this Mickey Mouse bat garland!

7. Disney Villain Gallery Wall

Add a little magic to your wall with these Disney villain silhouettes. They can add a touch of evil and mischief to your collection of Disney Halloween decorations.

Here are links to the free printables for these villain silhouettes here and here.

8. Mickey Tassles

My favorite part about these Mickey Mouse Tassles is their different facial expressions haha. I know that some people love to go all out when decorating, and others prefer a more simple look. This tassle garland can work for either one, so definitely remember it for your next holiday decor project!

9. Boo to You Doormat

With a cute mat like this, you are bound to have kids running up to your door for candy!

But wait, I have even more good news. This tutorial uses a Circuit, BUT you don’t necessarily need one to make your own Disney mat. Instead, you could always create your own stencil and paint it. Regardless, door mats are a subtle way to decorate for Halloween.

10. Olaf Pumpkin Isn’t this Olaf statue so precious? I love that it can double as both a Halloween and a Christmas decoration. So if your family loves Frozen, try making this cute project. The trick-or-treaters will be ecstatic to see this little guy and maybe even give him a warm hug!

11. Snow White Poison Apples – This decor piece plays off of the poison apples that are featured in the Disney Snow White film. Using hot glue and paint, you can get a “poison dipped” effect that is really cool looking. It’s unique but also very achievable.

Make sure to try these DIY Disney Halloween decorations! They are cute, simple to make, and inexpensive. Just the kind of Halloween decor your kids will LOVE!

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