Easy DIY Spiderman Party Favors


This post will provide you will a variety of ideas for Spiderman-themed party favors with pictures, tutorials, tips, and more! These goodies will help take your party to the next level and leave your guests feeling lucky that they got an invite!!

Note: While this blog post focuses on the party favors, there are other posts all about how to throw a Spiderman Kids Birthday Party and an Avengers Kids Birthday Party. Check those out for even more superhero party ideas!!

Why Spiderman is a great party theme

Spiderman has always been cool, however, his character has gained even more popularity in recent years with the rise of Marvel superhero movies, the Avengers, and even the Spiderman into the Spiderverse collection.

With there being so many takes on Spiderman, there are lots of options for personalizing your party and fitting it to your age group. For example, younger kids may enjoy dressing up while older kids might prefer to watch the movies.

Regardless, there is something for everyone. You can capture the fun of Spiderman with fast-paced games and activities, delicious food, and of course, some really cool party favors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Party Favors

Is it OK to not have party favors?

  • Of course! You do not have to have party favors. They have become a common practice at kid birthday parties, but they are in no way necessary. So what is the benefit of having party favors? Often, party favors are an easy way to help your party feel more themed. You can incorporate the colors or symbols of your theme into the goodie bags, making your party feel more put together.

At what age do you stop giving party favors?

  • Generally, younger kids are more appreciative of a party favor. In my experience, elementary-age children are the ones who most enjoy receiving party favors. With that in mind, you can probably stop giving party favors around the ages of 10 -12. You could always continue giving gifts after that, but you might want to change the type of party favor you are giving so it is better suited to the age group.

How many items should be in a goodie bag?

  • I would say that 3-10 items is a good range. Most goodie bags or party favors contain small items (about the size of the kid’s hand or smaller). Dollar store items, candy, and little trinkets tend to be the most common types I have seen, so having a few in the bag makes it feel full.

What should I put in a party favor?

  • I think the best party favors are a mix of food/candy and little toys or objects. Little kids really like volume, so it is great to have a lot of inexpensive things making up your party gifts. My suggestion would be to pick at least one thing from both of the categories below to help make up your party bag.

Ideas for items to put in a party favor:

  • Food/candy
  • Sunglasses
  • Cup
  • Beads
  • Pencil/Pens
  • Slime
  • Toys
  • Keychains
  • Fidget toys
  • Bouncy balls

Really anything can go inside the favors. Just anything that the kids will enjoy works.

Now on to the fun ideas for Spiderman party favors!

Food Related Spiderman Party Favors

Below are some food items that are great for making and handing out at your Spiderman themed party.

  • Red, White, and Blue Popcorn – Treats are an easy party favor, and popcorn is an especially great one. It’s low-cost, quick to make, and a fan favorite! You can just whip up a large batch and divide it into small bags. Perfect for guests of any age.
  • Decorated Cookies – Using some decorating gel or frosting, you can theme all kinds of cookies. Here is an example of how to decorate Oreos for a Spiderman feel. Other decor ideas include webs, spiders, and more! And let’s be honest, any party is better when it has cookies!!
  • Dipped Marshmallows – These marshmallow skewers are super simple to make and very kid-friendly. You can hand one out to each guest as they head out the door!
  • Lollipop Spiders – Tap into your inner craftie to make these fun spider treats. With some pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a lollipop, you can create this memorable party gift in minutes! If you want a full tutorial, follow the link here.

Other Spiderman Party Favors

While food is always a great option, you might want to add in other goodies as well. Here are some fun ideas for other DIY Spiderman party favors.

  • “Web Shooter” silly string – This blog has a free printable that you can use to decorate the outside of a silly string can. This is a great main item to give as a party favor along with some treats. The kids will absolutely love shooting their “webs” and pretending to be Spiderman himself.
  • Spiderman sunglasses – With just a little bit of crafting, you can turn Dollar Store sunglasses into a super cool Spiderman gift. Follow the instructions here to make this goodie that will have all your guests talking!
  • Spiderman Slime – For kids who like having something to touch and play with, slime is the perfect gift. Follow the instructions here to make some to share with your party guests!
  • Spiderman Mask – Whether you make this ahead of time or have the kids make them as one of the party activities, masks are a low-cost party favor for your guests to enjoy. This would be a great addition to any party bag. Click here for the free template.
  • Spider Web Mason Jar – Check out this blog for instructions on how to make these cool spider web jars. They are a great container for storing little party trinkets.
  • Coloring Pages – Another great party favor or even party activity is coloring pages! This website has a selection of 40 different free printables to choose from.

If you decide to recreate any of these ideas, share pictures. I’d love to see your version of a Spiderman party favor.

And stay tuned for more party ideas!

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