Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

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Looking for ideas to host a Spiderman Birthday party? We’ve got all your Spiderman party decorations, food, and games below!

If you’ve got a Spider-Man at your house you’ll love these easy Spider-Man Birthday Party Ideas! My son turned 5 and we had a great time training him and his friends on how to be a totally awesome Spider-Man!

Spider-Man Decorations

For the main party backdrop I inflated blue, black, red and white balloons. I used a needle and fishing line to string them together and create a large balloon garland. I used Command hooks and more fishing line to hang it on the wall.

To create the red spiderweb backdrop I cut a red plastic table cover in half and used black craft paint and a sponge brush to paint a spiderweb. Once it was dry I taped it to the wall. I used this same method to create the blue food table cover. Adding a Spider-Man mask, Spider-Man paper plate and a red napkin and some red juice to each place setting finished the food table.

Spider-Man Party Favors

spiderweb DIY backdrop

Leave it to the Dollar Store to save the day! We purchased a Spider-Man plastic cup for each guest and filled it with candy and glow sticks. They had a wide variety to choose from so we actually got a few different styles.

spiderman birthday party goody bag

Spider-Man Games

At the beginning of the party I told the guests that we were going to train them in all the ways they would need to become just like Spider-Man. Each game tested one of those skills.

Super Hero Bingo

For knowledge, we played Super Hero Bingo. It is a free printable that you can find at Fireflies and Mudpies. We used marshmallows as square markers and when they got bingo they got a piece of bubble gum.

superhero bingo party game


To test their agility they had to navigate a laser maze we built in our hallway. Using tape and yarn we placed lengths attached to both walls to create the maze. They had to get all the way through and then slither back on their tummy.

Web Accuracy

For accuracy I set up a blue plastic table cover on the floor/wall. We used 10 red paper cups that I drew a spiderweb on to build a cup tower. They each got a can of Silly String to use to shoot down the cups. This was their favorite activity!

silly string spiderman party game

Speed ball

Speed is essential if you’re going to be a good Spider-Man. They sat in a circle and passed a ball around as fast as they could. Whichever guest was holding the ball when the music stopped was out and the game continued until we had a winner.

Pin the spider on the web

To test their performance under pressure we did a Pin the Spider on the Web game. I created this using poster board and black craft paint. We just used paper circles with their first initial on it as the spiders.

Spiderman party game pin the spider on the web

Balloon Stomp

Last of all, Spider-Man is really good at stomping out the bad guys! We tied a balloon to each boy’s ankle using a length of yarn and they all ran around trying to stomp and pop each others balloons. This was hilarious to watch as they chased each other around trying to stomp and jump and use any method they could to pop the balloons. Some were really hard to pop!

spiderman party balloon popping game

Spider-Man Birthday Party Food

What’s a party without food?! We served

  • hot dogs, chips and cupcakes.
  • The cupcakes were made using a Strawberry cake mix that I added red food coloring to. You could also use Red Velvet. Then I mixed red food coloring with vanilla frosting and topped each cupcake. I let them freeze for about 20 minutes and then added the thin black icing (it comes in a tube that you attache a piping tip to). Each cupcake was finished off with a black spider ring.

It was a really fun party and the boys really loved it! As they left we put their mask on each of them and said that now that they have completed their training, they are officially Spider-Man!

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