Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

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It was really fun to put together this Avengers birthday party for my son and his friends. There are lots of great Avengers birthday party ideas but I tried to pull from those out there to create a complete party that is easy to duplicate, budget friendly and truly fun for the kids at the party. I feel like this Avengers party really ticked all the boxes! 

Avengers Party Ideas

Avengers Party Decorations

Using a cloud bulletin board paper backdrop as my base, I cut buildings from black poster board.

Adding the Avengers character cut-outs really gave it a finished look. I used red butcher paper (I get mine for $.25 per foot at a local party store) to cut out the Avengers logo. 

I found that painters masking tape works best to adhere my decorations to the wall without causing any damage. I prefer the tan masking tape to the blue tape because it has a stronger hold.

To finish the edges around the backdrop, I added red streamers and balloons. 

Avengers Birthday Party Decorations

The activity table got a custom plastic table cover. I purchased 4 and cut them into strips to create the color block look.

Accenting the table I added balloon and character cut-out centerpieces. Using floral foam and bamboo sticks that came with the cut-outs, I pushed them into a paper cup surrounded by balloons.

Each party guest then had an Avengers character mask waiting at their seat

Avengers Birthday Party

Balloons representing 4 of the Avengers were taped to the arch connecting my dinning room and family room. I used black and silver for Black Panther, purple and green for Hulk, blue and white for Captain America and red and yellow for Iron Man. In the middle of each section of balloons, I hung a corresponding Avengers character cut-out with some bakers twine that was included in the kit. 

Avengers Party Table Decorations
Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

Avengers Party Food

Creating themed party food is one of my favorite aspects of party planning. Coming up with something delicious around the different Avengers characters was right up my alley. Here’s what we served:

Avengers Party Food
  1. Avengers Pizza: Pepperoni arranged in the A from the Avengers logo
  2. Iron Man Power Pretzel Rods: Pretzel rods dipped in red melting chocolate with a yellow melting chocolate drizzle
  3. Thor Hammer Mallows: Pretzel rods broken in half and inserted into one end of a large round marshmallow
  4. Hulk Punch: Lemon-Lime kool-aid
  5. Captain America Fruit Shield: A star shaped cookie cutter filled with whipped cream is surrounded by blueberries, mini marshmallows and raspberries
  6. Avengers Jello Shapes: Using Avengers jello molds filled with the jello jigglers recipe to create the shapes (remember to use cooking spray in the molds before pouring in the jello to set)
  7. Avengers Cupcakes: At the request of the birthday boy I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. To add the color to the frosting, I put red, green and blue food coloring into the piping bag before adding the vanilla frosting. Using a large star tip I piped the frosting and added a cute Avengers cupcake pick
Avengers Birthday Party Food Ideas

Avengers Party Games

When the guests arrived I let them know that they would be learning how to be just like the Avengers. We had one activity for each Avenger.

Avengers Party Games
  1. Captain America: I found red frisbee’s at the Dollar Store and cut out shapes from construction paper. Each guest was given a small bowl of mod podge and a foam brush to adhere the paper cut-outs to the plastic frisbee. We also added a layer over the top to seal it all together. It was important that we did this activity first so the mod podge had time to dry.
  2. Hulk: I used a foam board, green butcher paper, green paper cups, rubber bands and green tissue paper to create a punch board. I used a hot glue gun to attach the cups to the board once it was covered in the paper. Inside each cup was candy and a paper instructing them to do one of the following: Hulk punch, Hulk roar, Hulk kick, Hulk smash. They each took turns punching a cup and doing the activity on the paper inside. 
  3. Spider Man: to learn how to think quick like Spider-Man, we played Avengers bingo. I got the free printable Avengers bingo cards here. (check out my entire post about throwing a Spiderman party here!)
  4. Hawkeye: I purchased an inexpensive toy Bow & Arrow set and hung a hula hoop from a tree branch. Each guest took 3 turns trying to shoot an arrow through the hoop. 
  5. Thor: Duct tape and cardboard were used to make a large Thor hammer and then I stacked boxes up and had the guests throw the hammer to knock the boxes down.
  6. Black Panther: To test their agility and speed, I created an obstacle course. They had to jump over a box, circle around an item, crawl through a tube, attempt the hula hoop and then crash through the wall of boxes. This was easily the favorite activity of the day, especially since I timed each guest so there was a competitive element to it. 
Avengers Party Decorations

Let me know if you throw an avengers party! I’d love to see your pictures!


Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

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