Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Ideas

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We have decorations, games and refreshment ideas for a Minnie Mouse Baby shower. With over 50 nieces and nephews I’ve done a lot of celebrating!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

Let’s dive right in! I’ve explained before (in this post on hosting a shower on a budget) , using your gift to the expectant mom as decorations during the shower is a great way to pull double duty on things. You’ll see that I did that throughout the entire party.

Here are a few things I want to point out about the decorations:

  1. I used simple streamers to transform a plain wall. Usually you see them draped vertically, but I decided to hang them horizontally to change things up a bit.
  2. I used the comforter from the Minnie Mouse 3-piece bedding set as the focal point for the refreshments table. I used command strips to hang it and they easily came off both the wall and the comforter.
  3. Even though not everything is Minnie Mouse branded, as long as I kept it in the color palette I selected (pink, black and white) it fit right in!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Gift Table

This was one of my favorite decoration details of the whole party. I used Minnie Mouse crib bedding to accent the gift table (the comforter in the set was used above at the refreshment table)! Brilliant right?!  

The crib sheet is pulled over the top of the table (after I draped it with a white table cloth) and then I folded and pinned the crib skirt so that just the one border was showing and pinned that to the edge of the table. I love how it turned out.  And, the Mom-to-be gets to take it home for the nursery once the shower is over!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower - eventstocelebrate.net

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Diaper Cake

This diaper cake not only looked totally adorable on the refreshments table, the mom-to-be gets to take it home! I’ll have a full tutorial on how to make a diaper cake, but I just want to point out a couple of details.

  1. – I used a 4-pack of receiving blankets that are rolled up, as the “ribbon” around each layer. I used a rubber band to hold the ends at the back of the cake. For the topper, I just bunched up the remaining blanket and used a rubber band to secure the “bouquet” shape and then shoved the “handle” of the bouquet down into the top layer of diapers.
  2. – I decorated the layers with the items found inside the Minnie Mouse Grooming Kit along with a couple of Minnie Mouse pacifiers. Isn’t the hairbrush the perfect centerpiece for the cake?!
Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake - Events To Celebrate

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Refreshments

As I also explained in my shower budgeting post, hosting a shower during a time when you can get by with serving refreshments will save you a lot of money over serving a full meal. In this case, I wanted to make sure everything was still themed.

Minnie Mouse Food Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net
Minnie Mouse Food - Events To Celebrate
  • Minnie Mouse Turkey & Cheese Wraps (with sriracha mayo),
  • Minnie Mouse Shaped Strawberries & Fruit Dip (equal parts whipped topping to strawberry yogurt) & 
  • Minnie Mouse Sugar Cookies (the bows are made from little chocolates in white pearls found in the baking aisle) keep things simple for you! And you can’t forget the darling 
  • Minnie Mouse flatware. I accordion folded a pink napkin, used a rubber band to secure the center and a fork placed on top and then adhered a cute Minnie Mouse silhouette made out of cardstock paper.  

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Games

Both games really focus on products for the mom-to-be to take home as her gifts. One way you could do this is collect contributions from guests and use the items from the games as the group gift.

Baby Shower Gift Bag Guessing Game

This first game is really fun because it can be customized to the new baby. I’ve seen it spell out B-A-B-Y-S-H-O-W-E-R, but it’s more personal if you spell the new little ones name. Guests are given a slip of paper and invited to guess (without lifting or peeking) what item they think is inside.

The clue is that the item inside the bag starts with the letter on the front of the bag. As the mom-to-be opens the gifts, you see who guessed correctly and the winner is the one who guessed the most correct.

Baby Shower Games - Events To Celebrate .
Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Game - Events To Celebrate.

Here’s what I put inside each bag:
B – Baby Bibs
A – Aspirator (this is my FAVORITE baby item EVER!! It is 100x better than those ridiculous bulb ones)
B – Blankets – receiving blankets
Y – Yellow Ducky
T – Infant Toothbrush
E – Ear Thermometer
S – Crib Sheets
S – Snuggle Blanket


Items are displayed on a table with a tag that had two prices on it. Guests are given a form to fill out and they guess which is the correct price and then total all of the items. The guest with the closest total to what is correct, wins a prize and the mom-to-be goes home with all the fun prizes as a gift!

As a side note, have you had a baby walker for you child? I let my 6 month old son try the one we used he LOVED it! I’m headed back to get him the Disney Cars version.

Baby Shower Price Is Right - Events To Celebrate

If you decide to throw a Minnie Mouse Baby shower, I’d love to hear from you on how it went, or tag us in your photos!

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Minnie mouse baby shower ideas for decor games and food

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  1. You made this such an easy baby shower to recreate. I love your ideas – and I love how it’s all themed together and reusable, too! Brilliant! #client

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