DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas


When I hear Valentine’s Day, I think of all things pink and red with hearts. Not too far off, right? Personally, I enjoy decorating for the holidays. The tricky think about being a college student is that I don’t have much storage space and the decorating budget is about….zero. That just means that I get to be crafty and find creative ways to decorate the space.

Generally it is a lot cheaper if you can make decorations yourself. Now sometimes the idea of DIY projects can be intimidating, but trust me, you can do these!

Painted Vase

Get a glass vase and paints for super cheap at your local Walmart or craft store. From there you can make it look however you want! A more advanced artist might try doing roses while others might go for something more simple like the heart here or even just a monochromatic paint job.

Heart Painted Vase from Country Living

Glitter Candle Votives

Recently I have become a BIG fan of candles. It’s just so soothing to sit on the couch and breathe in a scented candle. Whether you like to light your candles or just put them on display, you can dress them up for the holiday with some glitter!

Glitter Candle Holders from Squirrelly Minds

Rose Petal Garland

Looking to add a little color to a plain wall or large open space? A flower petal garland can help with that! Not only are they super cute, but they are simple to make too!

Rose Petal Garland from Homey Oh My

Kiss Balloons

Balloons are one of those decorations that can fill the space really well. Also there’s like a million colors you can buy. If you’re wanting to add these kiss marks then white or a light pink might be best, but feel free to make it your own.

Kiss Balloons from Country Living

Candy Heart Bouquet

Candy hearts, a jar, ribbon, and fake flowers. That’s all you need to throw together this cute Valentine’s themed centerpiece.

Candy Heart Bouquet from Smart School House

Paper Envelopes

You can use large sheets of paper to create these paper envelopes to put on the wall. I don’t know about you, but I probably wouldn’t have ever thought of this idea on my own. It’s way cute though!

Floral Letters

The link here shows a more advanced version of creating floral letters. You can make it that fancy or do a simplified version. My sister and I have found cardboard letters from Walmart or the Dollar store and then hot glued fake flowers to them, and they actually turned out super cute!

Floral XO Letters from HonestlyYUM

Origami Heart Bouquet

Paper is probably one of the cheapest craft supplies out there. Use different colors of paper to make you very own heart bouquet. Best part is, you don’t even have to remember to water them.

Origami Heart Bouquet from Design Improvised

Heart Garland

There are SO many cute garlands you can make. In my searches I saw ones made with felt, burlap, paper, lace doilies, and more. What I’m saying is that garlands are super easy to make and totally customizable. (aka a totally awesome DIY decor option!)

Candy Heart Garland from Tell Love and Party

Thumbprint Heart Jar

Not very artistic? This is a DIY craft for even the least artsy person. These jars would be really easy to make with your kids or friends!

Thumbprint Heart Jar from It All Started With Paint

Raised Heart Wall Decor

Don’t have time to get things from the store? Surely you have some paper, scissors, and tape lying around. If so, you can totally make these raised hearts and add them to your wall!

Raised Heart Wall Decor from Architecture Art Designs

Paper Hearts

These paper heart stands are perfect to add to a desk, table, or shelf. They are small but can add a cute Valentine’s touch to any space.

Paper Hearts from The Pioneer Woman

Heart Canvases

Sometimes I have a difficult time choosing a craft or art project simply because there are so many options that I like. What I like about the heart canvases bellow is that you can use multiple designs or art techniques rather than choosing just one. Of course you could do as many or as little as you want. I just like the flexibility.

Heart Canvases from Design Improvised

Tissue Paper Wreath

This is one of the more time consuming projects, but if you have the time, it can turn out super cute!! It uses a heart shaped foam piece and layered tissues to create these textured flowers.

Tissue Paper Heart from Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Don’t just decorate for Valentine’s Day, but make some holiday treats too! Check out these fun foods for Valentine’s Day.

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