15 Homemade Valentine’s Day Candy Recipes

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At the start of each new year, I walk into the grocery store and am astonished to see the shelves bursting with Valentine’s Day chocolates, treats, teddy bears, and cards. By now you’d think I was used to it, but no. It get’s me every time.

And then, suddenly my Pinterest feed is every shade of pink and red known to man. Unsurprisingly, the internet is filled with all kinds of Valentine’s Day treats and recipes. As much as I want to try the different recipes out there, it can also be overwhelming.

The thing is, sometimes you don’t want a full cupcake or slice of pie. Instead, you just want a mini treat. Here I’ve collected 15 different Valentine’s Day candy recipes. These small treats are just the thing to make and share with your favorite people!

Jell-O Divinity Candy

One thing that is nice about this candy is that it is flavored using Jell-O powder. This means that you can make divinity candies in a variety of flavors. Some great options for Valentine’s Day include cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and watermelon!

Cinnamon Caramels

My aunt makes these around Christmas time each year, and they are so good! They taste kind of similar to cinnamon bears or red hots but in caramel form. Their soft, gooey center will melt any heart!

Salt Water Taffy

Making taffy is a great activity to do with someone. Grab a friend or special someone and enjoy making this treat together! It doesn’t take much to create a fun memory.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Boxes of chocolates cost SO much! Instead of paying for a fancy box of chocolates, make your own! Not only do you get the satisfaction of eating chocolate, but you get the experience of making it too!

Sugar Cookie Fudge

There are so many fun options for fudge. You can choose from a variety of flavors, colors, and add ins. I’ve seen everything from red velvet to rose to pink lemonade and even this sugar cookie fudge! Any of them will make for a thoughtful gift to someone you care about.

Cherry Jelly Hearts

These look straight out of a candy jar! The crazy thing is that they were homemade. And you can make them too! You never know what can happen when you give a heart away. 😉

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

I think we’ve all had a time when we forgot someone’s birthday or holiday and had to scramble to come up with something. Valentine’s Day is no exception. If you’re running behind on V-day, whip up some of these cheesecake bites in just 15 minutes. They only need 3 ingredients, so they can be a lifesaver!


Aren’t these mini lollipops the cutest candies you ever saw?! When I see them, I just imagine an influencer using them as a prop in a Valentine’s Day themed photoshoot. While that’s always an option, they are also just a fun, simple treat to share.

Homemade Marshmallows

I love the marbling on this marshmallow! I’m not a huge marshmallow girl usually, but the raspberry swirl looks pretty tempting. It’s like a piece of art. I like to call it ,”That weird feeling you can’t explain when you realizing you are falling hard for someone”.

Valentine’s Day Crack

As someone who loves salty and sweet snacks, I’m a big fan of this one. It combines chocolate, saltine crackers, and caramel to make a kind of homemade brittle. 10/10 recommend making this recipe to bring to a party, give to others, or enjoy yourself!

Candy Wafers

Because these wafers have to sit out for 24 hours, they take a little over a day to make. So, yes. They come with a bit of a time commitment. However, each batch yields about 100 wafers, so you’ll have plenty to give to those you care about!

Bubblegum Rock Candy

Maybe this isn’t the most practical treat for Valentine’s Day, but c’mon. It looks super dope, and it has the most electric pink color. To me it feels like the perfect girl boss treat to bring to your Galentine’s party.

Strawberry Cream Chocolates

Fun fact: the filling is flavored using frosting, which means that you can control what flavor goes in the center. You could do strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese, and so many other kinds. I always love recipes like this, because it’s customizable. This way you can make something that your significant other will LOVE!

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy has this whimsical feel to it. Its light, fluffy texture always makes me think of carefree drives, summer nights, pretty sunsets, and glittery carnivals. Enjoy this dreamy treat for Valentine’s Day!

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Want to feel warm and cozy? Cuddle up with your favorite person and have an incredible cup of hot chocolate by adding in one of these fancy hot cocoa bombs! They take a little bit of assembly and can be a bit messy, but hey that’s what makes it fun, right?!

I know Valentine’s Day sometimes get a bad rep for being all about expectations or busy couples, but ultimately it’s about celebrating love. That can be romantic love or just love for the people who matter in your life. No matter what this V-day looks like for you, I hope that you can share it with meaningful people, and maybe enjoy a treat together. Good luck candy making!

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