Funny Family Christmas Pajamas


I know a lot of families who have a tradition of getting new pajamas for Christmas each year. Some get matching sets and others get a different shirt for each member. No matter how your family chooses to celebrate Christmas, here are some funny shirts and pj sets that might work for you!

Sets of Shirts

I feel like each family has someone that steps in as the “coordinator” or “party planner”. Maybe its your mom or cousin or uncle. Whoever it is, share this link with them, because you already KNOW they are on the hunt for matching shirts. To purchase or view each option in a new tab, click on the heading for each shirt option!

Dear Santa

These just crack me up. Like “Just leave your credit card”. I’m not sure if that’s a valid request for Santa….but if it is, then put me down for one of those!

Elf Quotes

Elf is probably the most quotable Christmas movie there is. Sooo of course they had to put it on shirts.

Messages to Santa

Another one about credit cards. Sheesh maybe I’ll just add that to my wish list this year.

Home Alone Quotes

Ok I take it back. Home Alone is a pretty good rival to Elf for most quotable Christmas movie. Let’s say they tie. 🙂

Most Likely To…

I would definitely be the “most likely to spread Christmas cheer” in my family. I’m not one of those people that goes insane in the month of December, but I do love me some good decorations, hot cocoa, and Christmas music.

A Christmas Story

Funny enough, I didn’t actually see this movie until I was a teenager. I know, right? What were my parents doing?? It’s a classic for sure and definitely deserving of a shirt.

Committed Crimes

Are these ugly? Definitely. BUT they are also hilarious, so it’s all good.

Single Shirts

These single shirts mean that either you can get one and stand out from everyone else OR y’all can all get the same one and be twins!

Not a Morning Person

I fall under this category haha. When I was little we had to set a time limit, so my little brothers couldn’t come wake everyone up before 6:30am. Good mems

I’m a Gift

If I could have any of these shirts, it would probably be this one. Tell me that’s not incredible.

Forced Family Fun

Holidays with all their festivities and chaos are notorious for bringing out both the best and the worst in us. Why not embrace that with this fun shirt?!

Naughty or Nice?

I have to say, I am a fan of this third option. Try as we might, we just aren’t perfect. But if we are doing our best, I think that deserves some credit.


We all know that person who is over the top when it comes to Christmas. You wonder how they could possible fit all those decorations in their garage, if they have a separate closet solely for Christmas clothes, or if they have cocoa running through their veins. Let me tell ya, this is the shirt for them.


Ya know, the Grinch turned out ok in the end, so you’ll be fine.

Hopefully this list was helpful for you. Now you can scratch Christmas pajamas off of your to-do list!

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