White Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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One of my favorite activities of the Christmas season is decorating the tree! My family has a hodge podge of homemade ornaments, bulb ornaments, and fancy gifted ornaments that we use to decorate. This mix of old and new along with our colorful lights make the corner of our living room feel so homey.

My family has always stuck with the traditional looking Christmas tree, but I love seeing all the different color options and design styles for decoration. It seems like white Christmas trees have become pretty popular, so let’s explore some fun ways to dress it up for the holidays!

Below are a mixture of full white trees and ones that look frosted with snow. If you want to read more about each design, click the link! Also, here are some great tips for decorating white trees!

White and Silver

This color combo is probably the most common way that I have seen a white Christmas tree decorated. It just screams “Winter Wonderland”. If that’s the look you’re going for, there are tons of different styles you can find!

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Blue and White

There are so many pretty shades of blue you could try, but I really love how this deep royal blue contrasts against the brisk white. You know the feeling when you drink cold water with minty gum? I feel like this tree is that feeling in Christmas form. Just breathtaking and crisp.

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White and Gold

The warm tones of gold tend to produce a more homey, cozy feel. This pairing of a frosted tree with gold accents could make any part of the room glimmer!

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Red and White

Since red and green are such notable colors for the holiday season, using them to decorate a white Christmas tree will create a look that is more traditional. This will also make it much easier to find decorations and ornaments that match.

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If you like to live your life in color, then this very well might be the tree for you. I’ve seen some where they do a gradient like the photo below but also others where all the colors were mixed. No matter what your style is, this is definitely a fun option.

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White and Pink

This image makes me think of Barbie in the Nutcracker. Or Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. Both style icons, right? You can channel their inner love for all things pink with this blush and white Christmas tree! Super cute!

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Teal and White

The first time I ever heard of a white and teal tree was actually from one of my good friends. She told me that in her childhood home they always decorated for Christmas with teal. Kinda a random fact to know about someone, but I’ve just never forgotten it. If you’re feeling the teal like my friend’s family, then try out a look like this!

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All White

I don’t know if I would’ve ever thought to put a fluffy boa around my tree, but here it makes the tree look as though it has patches of fresh snow hanging on it. Genius! The combination of different shades of white can make your tree look simple yet elegant.

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Black and White

Black and white, the classic combo. These colors together can definitely create a more modern look and feel for your Christmas tree. The nice thing too is that a little black can go a long way, so you may not need quite as many decorations to make this tree look complete.

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Something that I love about using a white tree is just the fact that there are so many beautiful color options for how to style it. In my opinion it gives you a lot of control over the overall look and feel of the tree, more than you have with a standard green tree.

In this post I tried to highlight some potential designs for white Christmas trees, but there are infinite possibilities. Share any additional ideas/tips you have for tree decorating. And pictures too!

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