75 Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Teens {Christmas Ideas}

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Kids make a list telling you all the gifts they want from Santa, except no one tells you what to put in the stockings!! But don’t worry. You have help. Here is a variety of items for different interests, ages, and price ranges. No matter what your child or teenager likes, there’s something on this list for everyone!

Food/Drink Related

Chocolates from Purewow.com, Gift Cards from iStock, and Hot Cocoa from Savory Spice Shop

The nice thing about Christmas is that every family gets to do it their own way. Maybe your family makes a huge fancy breakfast Christmas morning. Maybe they don’t. My family definitely doesn’t. Instead, my parents always give us a box of our favorite cereal and put a bunch of fun snacks in our stockings. And ya know what? We love it! Who doesn’t want cinnamon toast crunch, chips, and hot cocoa for breakfast?? So whether or not you go for a chill Christmas morning, anything food related is bound to be a hit.

  1. Christmas orange or Chocolate orange
  2. Mini Boxes of their Favorite Cereal
  3. Candy Canes
  4. Every Variety of Hot Cocoa flavor
  5. Ready-to-Make Breakfast – Poptarts, Oatmeal,
  6. Gift Card to their Favorite Restaurant
  7. Fancy Chocolates
  8. Their favorite candies!
  9. Non-Perishable Snack Items – Beef Jerky, Trail Mix, Corn Nuts, dried fruit, etc.
  10. Measuring Cups or other Baking Supplies
  11. New Water Bottle
  12. Gum
  13. Water Flavoring Packets
  14. Cliff Bars, Protein Bars, Granola Bars
  15. Toothbrush
  16. Mints

General Items

Kendama from Freepik, Rubik’s cube from The Conversation, and Chapstick from Global News

Honestly, stockings can be a little difficult to fill. You want to include items that will either be useful or exciting, but that are generally small in size. Plus you want the receiver to like the items, but for the contents to not overshadow the other *gifts* they are getting. Let’s just say, stocking filling is an art.

  1. Chapstick
  2. Scented Hand Sanitizer
  3. Socks
  4. Set of Wireless Earbuds
  5. New Phone Case
  6. Fidget Toys – Cube, Spinner, Bubble Popper
  7. Rubik’s Cube
  8. Hacky Sack
  9. Kendama
  10. Portable Charger
  11. New Charging Cord
  12. Tickets to an Event – Concert, Family trip, Amusement Park, etc.
  13. Water Bottle/Laptop Stickers
  14. Mini Puzzle
Wikki stix from Maxiaids, Bath bombs from NY Times, and Bubbles from Fat Brain Toys
  1. Colorful Pens/Pencils
  2. A Fun Ornament they can add to the Tree
  3. Watch
  4. Sidewalk Chalk
  5. Bubbles
  6. Temporary Tattoos
  7. Slime Kit
  8. Card Game – Face Cards, Uno, Skip-bo, Cover Your Assets, etc.
  9. Bath Bombs
  10. Wikki Stix
  11. Stuffed Animal
  12. Sunglasses
  13. Playdough
Stress ball from Style Crazye, Slinky from Ebay, Lava lamp from Alibaba
  1. Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  2. World’s Smallest Games
  3. Stress Ball
  4. Skratch Art Notepad
  5. Polaroid Film
  6. Disposable Camera
  7. Silicone Airpods Case
  8. Small Lava Lamp
  9. Walkie Talkie Set
  10. Slinky
  11. Washable Shower/Bath Markers
  12. Magic Grow Capsules
  13. Small Back Scratcher Tool

Items for the Boys

Finger Skateboard from Long Boards USA, Pokémon Cards from Amazon, and Mini Frisbee from Sea Turtle Sports

Of course, some of these items can be enjoyed by anyone! I just tried to group them by who might most enjoy the items.

  1. Hot Wheels Car
  2. Travel Size Shaving Cream
  3. Tie
  4. Tie Pins
  5. Finger Skateboards
  6. Mini Frisbee
  7. Pokémon Cards
  8. Baseball Cards
  9. Mini Legos Kit
  10. Mini balls – foam basketball, football, soccer ball, etc.

Items for the Girls

Hair clips from Amazon, Nail Polish Brands from More.com, and Friendship Bracelet Kits from Sarah Maker

Now I know every girl is different, but I would’ve loved getting any of these items in my stocking as a young girl or teen!

  1. Hair Clips, Scrunchies, Claw Clip
  2. Hair Ties or Bobby Pins
  3. Nail Polish
  4. Scented Lotion or Perfume
  5. Jewelry – Earrings, Ring, Necklace, etc.
  6. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit/Materials
  7. Travel Size Leave-in Conditioner
  8. Travel Size Mirror
  9. String Lights

At the end of the day, whatever you’re able to pull together for Christmas is enough! You’ll always think of more gifts you could buy or more money you could spend, but the holidays are about spending time and love on those that matter most to us. If people can feel your love for them, then it was a successful holiday. Remember that!

And if you feel comfortable, share stories and pictures from opening stockings! You may think you’re the only one who wakes up Christmas morning with bed head and dark circles, but SuRpRiSe!! You’re not. 😉

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