Kid Friendly Halloween Mystery Bag

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Some of my earliest memories from Halloween include attending a church Halloween party and sticking my hand into a Halloween Mystery Bags and feeling peeled grapes, cooked pasta and pumpkin guts.

Each year we have a family Halloween party and this year I wanted to create some Halloween Mystery Bags without the mess and gore of the ones from my childhood. You probably have most of these items in your home already which makes this game super easy! Plus their hands won’t get all goopy from peeled tomatoes and raisins covered in jelly.

To make it even easier, I’ve created a free printable Halloween Mystery Bag document. They print in black and white and 2-per page which means you don’t need a fancy printer. If you did want to get fancy, you could print them onto orange paper which would make them really cute!

I placed each item in a brown paper lunch sack and then added a number backed by some cute Halloween scrapbook paper.

The instructions are simple. Have each child place their hand inside each bag without looking. Then they write the bag number next to the item they think it matches with. For our party, I’m going to give them a small piece of candy for each one they get correct.

Halloween Mystery Bag

Halloween Mystery Bag Elements

Here are the items I included in mine. 

  • Ghost Poop: Cotton Balls
  • Witches Hair: Corn Silk
  • Vampire Teeth: Crunched up Tortilla Chips & Popcorn Kernels
  • Werewolf Fur: Craft Store Fur – remember this Halloween door I created? But you could also use an extra fluffy stuffed animal.
  • Mummy Wrap: Ace Bandage
  • Zombie Fingers: Baby Dill Pickles
  • Skeleton Bones: Cotton Swabs
  • Spider Legs: Pipe Cleaners or Chenille Stems

Here is the free printable tally sheet:

Free Printable!

These keep it very kid friendly because they skip out on the gore of brains, hearts, guts and mess! Your little ones are going to love it! 

And if you have other mess free ideas for items to include in the mystery bags, share those ideas in the comments!

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