20 Christmas Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

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20 fun and cheap ideas for Christmas party favors your guests will love!

The Christmas season is my FAVORITE time of the year!! I love the lights and the traditions, the time with family and the messages about Christ. I love the good feelings and the endless reasons to get together. And let’s be real, there are a lot of reasons to get together.

The holidays are filled with pretty much every kind of party and gathering imaginable. If you’re the lucky one hosting this year, plan to hand out one of these amazing Christmas party favors!

1. Snowman Bath Bombs

Snowman Bath Bombs from Happiness is Homemade

The holidays are go, go, go, but they are also a great time for relaxation. During the holidays, you can pull away from work and the business of life to enjoy a little self indulgence. These are a great gift for friends to help them remember to relax. And hey, if you make extra, you can keep some for yourself! 😉

2. Holiday Cookie Cutters

Mini Christmas Cookie Cutters, 6-Piece Set image number 0
Holiday Cookie Cutters from Wilton.com

I probably eat more cookies during the month of December than any other time. Please tell me I’m not alone! There’s cookies at every work party party, neighborhood celebration, family get together, etc. Cookie cutters make for a great party favor, because they are small, cheap, and useful.

3. Mini Candles

White scented soy wax candle in a small baby food jar decorated with vinyl label 'Merry & Bright' and Christmas trim
Mini Christmas Candle from Pretty Providence

Something about burning a candle just makes things feel cozy. Whether you buy candles to give away or make them yourself, they are a solid option for a holiday gift.

4. Scented Hand Sanitizer/Soap

Scented Soap from Bath and Body Works

Fun fact, mini me had a Bath & Body works collection in middle school. I was obsessed with getting all the new scents, and their Winter collection was no exception. If you’re looking for a cheap holiday gift, scented soaps or hand sanitizers are perfect!

5. Mini Bread Loafs

Eggnog, Banana Nut, Cranberry Orange, and Cherry Almond Mini Bread Loaves from Pampered Chef

Homemade bread is a classic way of saying “I love you”. And the best part is, it is SO versatile. The link above has a recipe that allows you to make 4 different flavors by adding in different ingredients to the same base. And below I’ll attach even more fun recipes for bread.

6. Homemade Ornament

Name Snow Globe Ornaments from The Pioneer Woman

See, I love a useful, store bought gift. However, I also love those small gifts that you know someone took the time to make themselves. For anyone who appreciates hand-crafted gifts, these 65 DIY ornaments ideas are perfect!

7. Small Framed Quote/Picture

Photo Frame from Amazon

I received one of these photo frames a few years back, and I still use it. If that doesn’t say good gift, then I don’t know what does. The nice thing about them is that you can add whatever Christmas picture or quote you would like and then they can swap it out throughout the year.

8. Friendship Bread Starters

Amish Friendship Bread Starter Recipe {Hints for Storing and Using this  Sweet Sourdough}
Amish Friendship Starter Bag from Tastes of Lizzy T

For anyone not familiar with Amish friendship bread, typically a friend gives you one of these starter packs. They include instructions for preparing the batter over the course of 10 days. Eventually, your own mix matures to the point of being able to remove some of the batter to make starter packs to give away to others. In this way it connects you to others and helps build and strengthen friendships. It may not be the fanciest of gifts, but it sure is a tasty one!

9. Printed Light the World Calendars

If you haven’t seen the Giving Machines videos, watch this! One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is how the emphasis on Christ and family leads people to be more generous, compassionate, and service-minded. Every year the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints releases a calendar for the month of December with little activities you can do each day to spread good. Share some of these with your party guests and then share experiences and stories throughout the month of what you accomplished!

10. Treat Goodie Bags

christmas treat bags
Cookie Treat Bags from Mama Bear Says

A traditional take away from parties is a little goodie bag. These are an especially great option of you are low on time. You can fill them with purchased goods or homemade ones! They are super customizable, too. All in all, a great party favor.

11. Christmas-Themed Stickers

Echo Park - A Gingerbread Christmas Collection - 12 x 12 Cardstock Stickers - Elements
Christmas Sticker Pack from Scrapbook.com

Recently waterproof stickers for water bottles and laptops have been really trending. There are lots of places like Amazon, Walmart, and Redbubble to order singular stickers or large themed packs. Stickers are great, because you can allow your guests to pick out one for themselves. Then everyone leaves with a sticker in hand and a smile on their face.

12. Mini Stockings

Christmas Stockings 6ct
Mini Stockings from Party City

Stockings are great because you can either give that as the entire gift, or you can add little surprises inside! There are plenty of colors, you can add a name at the top, and what you fill them with has endless possibilities. If you are looking for a gift that is small and easily bought in bulk, consider gifting mini stockings!

13. Christmas Hand Towel

Christmas Hand Towels from Alibaba.com

Tell me you wouldn’t be excited to wipe your hands with a towel that has Rudolph, Santa, or some elves on it….That’s what I thought! Hand towels are a fun way to add just a little more holiday spirit around your home. There are all kinds of different designs you can find in stores or purchase online. These are a party favor best suited for families or adults, but I’m sure kids would love to help pick them out!

14. Cookies in a Jar

M & M Cookie Mix in a Jar - M&M Cookie Mix in a Jar - A jar filled with pre-measured ingredients for M&M cookies to give as a gift.
Cookie Jar recipe from Celebrating Sweets

We’ve already talked about how cookies are a staple of the holiday season AND how chaotic things can get with the long list of to-do’s you have in order to make it the “best Christmas yet” for your family. So why not bring both of these things together and hand out premade cookie jars!? This way your friends can enjoy the holidays with one less thing on their plate!

15. Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy Socks from The Pioneer Woman

As someone who grew up in Texas, I don’t do cold. It’s just not in my blood. Now that I live somewhere where it actually snows, I’ve become a huge fan of all things cozy and warm. Blanket? Already got it. Hot cocoa? In my hand. Fuzzy socks? Definitely on my feet. For anyone else who loves to be comfortable in the winter time, fuzzy socks are a well loved party favor. The links above has 25 different holiday socks and where to find them. Check it out!

16. Sparkling Cider/Juice Bottles

Free Christmas Bottle Tag Printables | www.TeepeeGirl.com
Sparkling Soda Gift from Ministering Printables

For me, sparkling cider is always tied to a fancy occasion or some form of celebration. Good for you, Christmas fits right into that category! Since these can be purchased at your local grocery store, they make for a low effort gift that is easily dressed up with a sparkly ribbon or gift tag!

17. Chocolate Orange

The Christmas Orange - Simple Sojourns
Chocolate Orange from Simplesojourns.com

The Christmas Orange is a super cute story of an orphan boy who shares what little he has with those around him. It is a sweet reminder of what this holiday season is really about. If you’re wanting a tender gift to share with those you love, a chocolate orange and printed story are a meaningful holiday party favor.

18. Hot Cocoa and a Mug

Hot Cocoa Christmas Mug Gift – create a hand lettered vinyl Christmas mug filled with hot cocoa and snowflake marshmallows.
Hot Cocoa Mug from A Pumpkin and a Princess

Oh how I love hot cocoa! When my ears feel like they are about to fall off and I think my fingers are about to break, hot cocoa helps pour warmth and life back into my body. With there being about a bazillion and one flavors these days, you have plenty of options for customizing hot cocoa mixes to pair with a cute mug!

19. Potpourri Goodie Bags

Homemade Christmas Potpourri Recipe and Free Printable Gift Tag - events to CELEBRATE!
Homemade Potpourri recipe from Events to Celebrate

Potpourri is one of those things that I think everyone could benefit from having. Those who have never used it just don’t realize how much it could change their lives. AND you can entertain your kids by having them help assemble these cute baggies. Sounds like a win on both sides to me. If you need a good recipe for potpourri click here!

20. Candy Cane Bouquet

Christmas, winter concept. holidays, sweets, treats. man hands holding traditional striped candy cane in shape of bouquet. male hand holds christmas candy cane
Candy Cane Bouquet from freepik.com

Growing up, my favorite flavor of candy cane was actually the blue Sweet Tarts candy cane. My siblings and I enjoyed collecting the different flavors and trying them. Whether you like to be adventurous with your flavors or prefer the classic, bundling a few candy canes into a small bouquet makes for a simple, cute holiday giveaway.

If you have more ideas for party favors or have a creative ways to decorate these gifts, share them below!

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