5 Gift Exchange Games

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I love a gift exchange game. If you want something different here are 5 gift exchange games for the holidays that are sure to please all your party goers.

White Elephant Exchange

It’s a classic gift exchange game for your holiday party. Start by having everyone draw a number (the numbers correspond with the number of people/gifts). The first person chooses a gift from the pile and opens it. Next, the second person can steal the opened gift or choose from the pile to open. The pattern continues for each player. If someone’s gift is stolen then they choose another from the pile to open. Each gift can only be stolen 2x before it can be stolen no more.

Hot Potato Gift Exchange

Turn up the Jingle Bell Rock because you’re going to want some tunes for this holiday gift exchange game. Once the music starts pass (or toss or throw whatever your preference) the gift to the next person until the music stops. Whoever the gift lands on gets to keep it and leaves the circle. Then queue up the music and get another gift going until everyone has received a gift.

Dice Game

Here’s another gift exchange game for the holidays. Everyone starts by sitting in a circle with the gift they brought in hand. Every player takes a turn rolling the dice and doing with their gift what the corresponding number says. For example…

Simply Serene Studios

Give each person a turn or two depending on how big your circle is. Then open them up! You can continue the gift exchange game for a few more rounds with the opened gifts or call it quits.

Fun Fact Exchange Game

As each guest arrives to your holidays party with their gift to exchange mark their gift with a number and on a paper with the corresponding number have them write a fact about themselves (easy or hard). Then have the numbered facts put into a jar. As you draw out each paper and read the fact whoever guesses who it is about gets to have the corresponding present.

Gift Exchange Story

There are a few versions of this gift exchange game out there with 2 links below. Have everyone sit in a circle with their gift. As the story is read each time you hear “right” pass your gift to the right. Pass it left when you hear “left”. At the end of the story the gift you are holding is yours to keep!

It’s Always Autumn
Lil’ Luna

Whether your group is big or small these 5 gift exchange games for the holidays can be adapted for any occasion. The point is to have fun and enjoy the season of giving.

5 Gift Exchange Games

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