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Use this free printable Olaf Template to build your own Olaf over and over again!

Olaf Template -

The Frozen pandemonium is still going strong at our house. My daughter pretty much only asked for Frozen themed gifts for Christmas.  She was one happy girl with each one she opened on Christmas morning!

My good friend gave my daughter this adorable Frozen Olaf that she drew and then cut out of Craft Foam. All of the pieces are separate (except the eyes are assembled and the eyebrows are glued on) so my daughter can “build” Olaf over and over again. It is the perfect bath tub toy, but my daughter also just loves to put it together on the carpet, or we will spritz a little water on the sliding glass door and she can put it together on that.

I wanted to make one of these for another friend, so I traced the one my friend made me and then thought perhaps there are others that may want an Olaf template of their own so I scanned it and saved it as a pdf for you to print. It’s not fancy or professional, but it does the job. I figure that’s all that really matters – right? Right. 🙂

Here is the Frozen Olaf Template: Frozen Olaf Template

Frozen Olaf Template printable

Fun ways to use it:

– It would be a really fun Frozen themed birthday party activity. Just print out the carrot nose and trace it onto orange paper several times and you can play “Pin the nose on Olaf“.

– Print and cut out a copy for each birthday party guest and let them glue Olaf together with a glue stick.

– Cut it out of Craft Foam and use it as a bath tub toy. The craft foam adheres to the bathtub wall when wet.

However you use it, have fun!


Pin the nose on Olaf template

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