Frozen 2 Birthday Party Ideas

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Frozen 2 is not only a box office hit, it is the perfect theme for your next birthday party! We had fun going into the unknown planning this Frozen 2 birthday party for my daughter. Let’s dive right in!

Frozen 2 Birthday Party Decorations

The Frozen 2 party backdrop really created the scene for the entire party space for just a few dollars. I purchased this one at Walmart, but here are similar ones on Amazon. It comes as a 5 piece plastic set and is easy to attach to the wall with tape. I placed the two large pieces on the wall behind the food and the Happy Birthday banner along with the Elsa and Anna portraits in front of the food buffet. 

To add some shine, I cut a silver foil fringe door decoration into 3 pieces and hung them on the wall as well. 

If you have seen the movie, you’ll recognize the diamond shape hanging decorations I made. They mimic the diamond ice crystals that were featured in the movie several times. I used the tutorial from this post ( to create them and instead of stapling them into a circle, I just attached them end to end. I used fishing line to hang them from the ceiling. 

Frozen 2 Birthday Party Food

With so many great Frozen birthday party food ideas from the first one, I only needed to add a few new ones to make this the perfect, toddler friendly, food table for Frozen 2. To create the food labels, I just did a google image search for different scenes in the movie and copy and pasted the pictures onto a word document. I added in my text, printed and cut. We featured some unique nods to the Frozen 2 storyline:

  • Olaf Arms – they can even row a boat: Pretzel sticks
  • Nokk Water Horse: Blue Jello Horses (I used the jigglers recipe on the box and used a horse cookie cutter to cut them out)(Here is a link to the horse cookie cutter I used.
  • Kristoff Pops the Question: Popcorn
  • Permafrost: String Cheese with snowflakes drawn on
  • Olaf Noses: Carrots & ranch dip
  • Water Has Memories: Water

Frozen 2 Birthday Cake

I loved making this Frozen 2 birthday cake for my daughter. It is a 3 layer vanilla cake and each layer is a different color: burgundy, purple and periwinkle. I covered the cake in homemade buttercream frosting. At the bottom of the cake I pressed a purple sprinkle assortment all the way around. To the top of the cake I added a Wilton brand pre cut sugar sheet print of a scene from Frozen 2. I purchased it for a few dollars at JoAnn’s but here are some on Amazon. Then I used the tutorial in this post ( to make marshmallow fondant snowflakes in various colors and accented the entire cake with them. I love the bold jewel tones in Frozen 2 and wanted to highlight those deep colors in the cake. 

Since we were hosting more than one party, I also made cupcakes using the same 3-tone cake method and vanilla frosting. Topping the cupcakes I used sprinkles, fondant snowflakes and images from the Frozen 2 sugar sheet by Wilton. 

Frozen 2 Birthday Party Games

When you are throwing a party for kids, the games are probably the most important part! We had a lot of fun with these little ladies and wanted to do games and activities that would interest them.

  • Frozen 2 Nail Polish -We painted nails using some character special nail polish, and while their nails were drying we watched the cute Frozen Christmas special on Disney+. 
  • Frozen 2 Coloring Page– As the guests arrived, they were invited to the table to color while they waited. 
  • Pin the Nose on Olaf– Using this free printable Olaf template , I printed, cut and attached the pieces to a blue poster. I cut out 8 carrot noses and we were all set with a FREE pin the nose on Olaf game! 
  • Frozen 2 Charades – In the movie Elsa, Anna and Kristoff play charades so we did too! It was so cute to see the little kids trying to act out the various characters in the movie. 
  • Land Giants Destroy the Dam – In the movie the land giants throw large rocks to destroy the dam. We balled up tinfoil into boulders and built a wall with Lincoln Logs for the kids to knock down. 
  • Freeze Dance – The Frozen 2 soundtrack is a favorite at our house. We gave each child a balloon to pop up into the air, turned on the great music and let them dance. Each time we stopped the music, they had to FREEZE!

Frozen 2 Jewelry

The dollar store had some Frozen 2 ring kits where the girls got to put stickers onto fashion rings. They really loved that, especially with their freshly painted nails. Then we let them add jewel stickers to an Elsa button. I purchased design your own buttons, printed a picture of Elsa to add inside them and then gave each little girl a sheet of jewel stickers to make it her own. 

This Frozen 2 birthday party was a lot of fun to plan and I hope you’ll come back and tell us if you use any of these ideas! 

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