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Frozen Birthday Party Ideas - eventstocelebrate.net

Frozen Fever? Here are LOTS of FUN, EASY and INEXPENSIVE themed activities, games and crafts for your FROZEN BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas:

1 – Freeze Tag:

Remember the good old days of running and playing? Freeze tag (and TV tag, and Favorites Tag, and Missionary Tag, etc.) was one of our favorite games. Enter the movie Frozen, and this game practically BEGS to be played at a Frozen themed birthday party. Call it Frozen Heart Freeze Tag and the person who is “IT” is Elsa and she freezes the other guests hearts as she catches them. 

How to play: One person is “IT” and they chase after other participants. If they are tagged they must remain frozen in their position until tagged by an unfrozen participant. Once all participants are Frozen – you pick a new person to be “IT”.

2 – Do You Want To Build A Snowman?:

FROZEN SNOWMAN GAME - eventstocelebrate.net

My daughter did this at a birthday party recently and I thought it was too cute not to share! The supplies needed are super simple: toilet paper, tape, carrot noses (made from orange construction paper) and black buttons (made from black construction paper). Let the guests have fun wrapping up their friends and taping the nose and buttons on!

3 – Sing Along Frozen Karaoke:

Have you seen that they released a sing along version of the movie (you can CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO BUY IT)? Buy up a bunch of plastic microphones and have a sing along karaoke session! Trust me, they’ll love it!

4 – Frozen Ice Blocking:

Ice Blocking

Maybe this is just a Utah thing, but when I was in High School we would buy the big blocks of ice from the grocery store, find a really big hill and ride down the hill on the block of ice (we’d use a towel to sit on). Not only was it a blast, it was like sledding in Summer without getting freezing cold! Try it, I bet you’ll totally love it!

5 – Frozen Troll Craft:

I love this idea from the Disney Frozen website. Take rocks, moss, some small googly eyes and a glue gun and create a family of trolls! Aren’t they darling?! Frozen Trolls Craft Instructions

6 – Frozen Freeze Dance:

It’s got to be one of the most downloaded movie soundtracks in history – so chances are you already have it. To play you have one person control the music. Guests dance while the music is playing and as soon as the person pushes pause – everyone freezes. The last person to stop moving is the next person to control the music. So push play and DANCE!

7 – Pin the Nose on Olaf:

Free PIN THE NOSE ON OLAF - eventstocelebrate.net

I created this printable Olaf template and shared it last week. All you’d need to do is print it out and assemble everything but the nose. Cut enough carrot noses out for each guest and play pin the carrot on Olaf! Free, easy and F,U,N!!

8 – Frozen Bracelets:

I love this kit that I found on Amazon to make Frozen themed bracelets, but you could just as easily provide the clear, slightly sparkly, diamond cut beads (like these) I’ve seen at every craft store and let the guests make a bracelet. The kit above will make several bracelets, which makes them very affordable!

Frozen Fever is still going strong at our house. My daughter was Anna all morning, it was only because I told her she could get a smoothie at Costco if she got in the car that she took her costume off. I don’t mind one bit that she loves it. I know there are a lot of parents that are sick of it, but do you remember what it was like to be that age? I think I watched Robin Hood and The Rescuers at least 1,000 times once we finally got our very own VHS machine (instead of having to rent it at the video store). So, in celebration of that, GO ON, HAVE A FROZEN BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Looking for FREE FROZEN PARTY PRINTABLES? This website has two different sets that are DARLING!

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