Christmas Party Games for Kids

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These 5 Christmas games for kids are the perfect way to help your kiddos celebrate the holidays. Each game is easy, fun, and great for a big or small group.

Get ready for my very favorite Christmas party games for kids! Our calendar for December is filling up quickly! We have a Christmas party each weekend and some during the weeks leading up to Christmas! I’m helping with the Christmas party games for kids at a couple of parties this year and wanted to share with you a few of my favorites. Whether your group is small or large, these will get the kids involved and having fun! All of them can be prepped in just a few minutes and don’t take a lot of effort to do!

1. Christmas Hedbanz Guessing GameChristmas Games for Kids

Christmas Hedbanz is great for any party and any age. All you need are little print outs of Christmas symbols. It is important to print them on cardstock so the printed picture is not seen from the back of the paper. You sit in a circle and deal a card to each player. One at a time a player puts their paper on their forehead (you can use tape) and asks each person in the circle a question until they are able to guess what is on their card. Easy and fun! We LOVE to play the Disney Hedbanz game all year long!

Lucky for you, I searched the web for lots of Christmas symbols and created a free printable. All you need to do is print and cut and you are ready to play!

Click here: Christmas Headbandz 1 Christmas Headbandz 2

2. Jingle Bell Rock 

I like to rename really common party games to fit the holiday. Jingle Bell Rock can be musical chairs or a cupcake walk. The trick is to use Christmas music to have them dance around to. This is my favorite upbeat Christmas album – it will get the party going!

3. Christmas Bingo

With enough bingo cards for 12 players, the set above is perfect for a family gathering or party. If you have up to 22 players, this set of FREE printable bingo cards is my favorite.

4. Deck the Halls

Every good Christmas party needs a decorated Christmas tree! Create teams of 2 or 3 players. Give each team a roll of green crepe paper streamer and a few of the inexpensive self adhesive gift bows. Turn on a song and the teams have to spin one member of their team into a crepe paper Christmas Tree, much like we did for getting Tangled in Rapunzel’s hair in this party post. Once the music stops, they have to be finished and the judging can begin.

5. Fluffy Snow

Fun Minute to Win It Games

Split the group into two teams. Call one player from each team to sit at a table. In front of each player are two bowls. One bowl is filled with cotton balls. Allow both team players to put petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the tip of their noses. When the 1 minute timer begins they use their nose to transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the other. They can’t use their hands so while picking up the cotton ball might be easy, getting it off is TRICKY (and hilarious!). This is one of my favorite Christmas party games for kids because they laugh the whole time! Once the minute is up, the player with the most cotton balls in the bowl wins! Continue playing rounds and adding up the score!

A slight variation on this is to use mini marshmallows and drinking straws. The player must suck through the straw to pick up the marshmallows and drop them into a bowl. 

And there you have my list of favorite Christmas party games for kids. These can all be done pretty last minute. Print a few things out, gather a few supplies and you are set to run a party full of really fun games for kids! Merry Christmas!

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