5 Entertaining Christmas Games

The holiday season is in full party swing. That means party games. Here are 5 entertaining Christmas games for you to try.

Christmas Drawing Game

This game is for everyone. You take a plate and put it on your head. Then with a marker you draw what the host tells you to draw. For example, draw a Christmas tree on the right. Put the fireplace on the left. At the end you see whose drawing was the closest to what it was supposed to look like. For detailed directions check out Happy Home Fairy.

entertaining Christmas games
Happy Home Fairy

Christmas Trivia Game

Oh. This game has so many uses. You could ask the questions while traveling in the car. It would be a great ice breaker for a party. You could be in teams to see who can answer each question the fastest or complete the whole list first and most accurate. Lil’ Luna has the free printable for this entertaining Christmas trivia game.

Reindeer Balloon Game

This reindeer game was a big hit at my son’s class Christmas party. Divide into teams and give each team a bag of balloons. For younger kids you can already have the balloons blown up. Each team also needs a pair of panty hose. The object is to stuff all the balloons into the panty hose to make reindeer antlers. Your team has won when you’ve stuffed the antlers with all the balloons and put the antlers on a teammate as well as the nose.

The Tinsel Game

Think Pictionary but instead of drawing you are using tinsel. You choose a word that has something to do with Christmas and then try and make it out of tinsel for your teammates to guess. Mr. Mark’s Classroom has a list of words to use. Tinsel would make for an entertaining Christmas game.

Holiday How Do You Doo

A different version of name that tune. Play Party Plan has you choose a Christmas song and then have your teammates guess the song but you can only sing the word “doo”. Doo you think you can doo it?

Between school parties, office parties, and family parties this list of 5 entertaining Christmas games is sure to help with your planning this year.

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