Adopt a Family for Christmas (5 Easy Steps)

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Here is all the information you need to adopt a family for Christmas! 5 easy steps to change the holidays for someone in need!

This Christmas is the first for me and my new husband!! Since we don’t have any kids yet, we thought it would be really fun and fulfilling to adopt someone for Christmas. We felt one of the best ways we could celebrate the holidays would be by helping someone else enjoy them too! 

Here is what we learned from the experience, how you can get involved, and why we loved it!!

Note: I did not include any information or pictures of the family we adopted this year to protect their privacy.

How do I adopt a local child/family for Christmas?

Step 1: Contact an Organization to get paired with a Recipient says that one way you can get involved is by contacting the Human Services Hotline at 2-1-1. They service most of the United States and can help put you in contact with someone in need. 

Another option is to reach out to local organizations such as Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, or a nearby charity. You can also

Reach out to these institutions by phone, email, or a visit in person to get set up. 

We went with the local option and paired with the Sub for Santa program through United Way. We simply filled out a sponsor application and then waited for them to send us the information! I almost cried after completing the application I was so happy! I know that not everyone is able to participate in something like this, but if you can, you TOTALLY should! It is so worth it 🙂

Step 2: Review the Information about your Recipient(s)

Once you have been paired with a child or family, the organization you are working with will give you information about each person’s age, gender, and possible gifts they would appreciate. 

I recommend reading over this information a few times and taking time to think about possible gifts. Maybe even write down 5-10 options before settling on something. The more you think about the individual and what you know about them, the easier it will be to get them a gift that will be truly meaningful!

Step 3: Go Gift Shopping!

This is the really fun part! Here you get to go out and collect the gifts that you plan on giving to your lucky recipient! While you will already be excited, I have found that the experience is even better if you think about your recipient while purchasing the gifts.

Tip #1: If the organization you are working with gives you contact info for the family, reach out to ensure the submitted information is correct (clothing sizes, interests, etc.) This also helps them know that they have a sponsor!

Tip #2: If you want to remain anonymous, just input *67 before typing the number you want to call. This will make your caller ID unidentified, and therefore preserve the surprise!

Step 4: Wrap the Gifts

Once you have your gifts, it is time to make them look good!

One thing to note: Not all organizations want you to wrap the gifts. This is because families may feel more comfortable receiving gifts from strangers if they can see exactly what it is. If that is the case, you can add gift tags, ribbon, or a bow to make it feel “wrapped”.

Step 5: Drop off the Gifts

Depending on what organization you are working with, they may have you drop off the gifts at a center or take them to the family your self!

We were fortunate that we got to go and take the gifts to our family! Not all families want you to come into the home or meet their kids. (It kinda ruins the whole Santa thing). But regardless of whether you meet them in person or not, you can feel a shared love in your heart!

The feeling you get doing something like this is my favorite part!!

FAQ’s about Adopting a Family for Christmas

How much money should you spend on adopt a family for Christmas? 

A good rule of thumb is around $75-$125 per person. This gives you the freedom to possibly get them multiple items or even a more expensive item that might be hard for the individual to afford right now. 

Important note: If you aren’t in a financial position to adopt a family, that is TOTALLY OK! See below in the “Other Ways to Spread Love this Holiday Season” section for more flexible ideas.

What to Avoid when giving gifts to an adopted child/family for Christmas

A few things that you generally want to avoid in your Christmas presents to an adopted family for Christmas are food items, political items, religious symbols/references, or medicines/prescriptions. Really anything that could spoil, be considered offensive, or harm the individual should be avoided! Luckily, if you follow the information given to you by the organization, this should be easy to do! 

About How Much Time Should I Expect to Spend on This? 

That is partially due to the number of people you adopt. Obviously, it will take longer to shop and wrap gifts for a group of 6 rather than a group of 2. However, you can plan for about an hour or 2 per person!

Our Experience

Hands down this is one of my favorite Christmas memories EVER!

The family we met was super kind, the organization was prompt at getting us a family, and we were forever changed by the love we felt during this experience.

My family is so blessed, and it just meant a lot to do something for someone else. I think service, in any form, can be one of the most fulfilling activities, especially associated with the holidays. For anybody who is on the fence, I say just do it!! As Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted”.

Other Ways to Spread Love this Holiday Season

There are so many ways to bless the lives of others! So whether it is a sweet message, act of service, or bundle of gifts, you can spread a little cheer this holiday season!

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