Cotton Ball Snowman Craft (with Free Printable!)

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Celebrate the winter and holiday season with this cotton ball snowman craft. With our free printable, it is simple and fun for kids of all ages!

Materials for this Craft

  • Snowman Printable
  • Orange Paper
  • Scissors
  • Liquid Glue/Hot Glue Gun
  • Red Pop Poms
  • 2 Raisins (you could also use mini buttons, beads, or black paper)

How to make this Snowman Craft

  1. Gather together all your materials.
  2. Print off the Snowman page.
  3. Take your cotton balls and lightly pull them apart. You want them to be more fluffy and less structured/firm.
  4. Glue down your fluffed cotton balls so that they cover all of the snowman’s body. (Inside both of the circles.)
  5. Once you have covered the snowman’s body in fluffy cotton ball “snow”, give it about 3-5 minutes to dry.
  6. After the cotton balls have dried, add on eyes, a nose, a mouth, and buttons to the snowman!
  7. Let the snowman’s features dry in place and then you’re all done!

Other information about this Cotton Ball Snowman Craft

What age group is this craft best suited for?

  • We recommend this craft be used for kids 3-8 years old. Kids older than 8 likely will finish it very quickly and get bored. Kids younger than 3 might have a hard time grasping what they are supposed to do.

Can I make substitutions to the materials?

  • Of course, you can! You might try using beads or small buttons in place of the raisins or red pom poms.

How long does this craft take?

  • Most young kids will spend about 20-30 minutes working on this craft!

Snowman Craft Printable (FREE!)

Click HERE to download this free printable for the snowman craft.

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