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Travel back in time to a prehistoric world with our amazing dinosaur coloring pages! These free printables will not only spark wonder and creativity in your child, but they just might unearth a mini paleontologist too!

Our mini collection of dinosaur coloring pages features 2 different species, the brachiosaurus and stegosaurus! Rather than focus on the scary carnivorous predators like T-rex’s, our coloring pages highlight dinosaurs in a more friendly, cartoon fashion! So don’t worry about scaring your preschooler. These designs are kid-friendly and age appropriate for young ones!

Uses for these Dinosaur coloring pages

  • Teaching about the letter D – Pictures are a great tool for teaching. Whether you homeschool, host a preschool, or are an elementary teacher, these pages can be a great tool for teaching kids about the alphabet.
  • Activity at a Dinosaur birthday party – Got a young one who loves dinos? Us too! In fact, we like dinos so much that we have an article all about how to throw a dinosaur party. Check it out for more fun ideas surrounding these now-extinct creatures.
  • After school activity for kids – Kids love to color! It is a low key activity that keeps them entertained and happy but requires little supervision. This means that coloring can buy you some time to cook dinner, help with homework, or tidy up the house. Talk about a win win!

Quality Art Materials

The worst thing is when I am getting out all the materials for a craft or recipe and then realize that I am out of an item I need! It is so frustrating!! So, if you are low on crayons or colored pencils, follow my link to easily stock back up on your art supplies!

Brachiosaurus Printable

Click here to access your brachiosaurus free downloadable printable.

Fun facts about the Brachiosaurus dinosaur:

  • This long-necked dinosaur breed roamed the earth about 156 -145 million years ago during the Jurassic Era.
  • These ginormous herbivores (plant eaters) grew to be over 80 feet long.
  • It’s name comes from the Greek words that mean “arm lizard”.

Note: These facts were collected from National Geographic kids.

Stegosaurus Printable

Click here to access your stegosaurus free downloadable printable.

Fun facts about the Stegosaurus dinosaur:

  • The stegosaurus is known for its 2 rows of kite-shaped plates sticking out of its back.
  • These gigantic dinos were the size of a bus and weighed nearly 14,000 pounds.
  • The brains of stegosaurus’s were about the size of a walnut!

Note: These facts were collected from National Geographic kids.

In case you missed it before, here are the links for the brachiosaurus and stegosaurus printables.

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