5 Coloring Page Father’s Day Cards for Kids

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Help your little one show how much they love Dad with one of these simple Father’s Day cards. These free printable coloring pages will melt his HEART!

What do your kids call their dad? Maybe they call him dada or daddy, or even old man! No matter what your kids call him, there’s one thing I know. What is that you might ask? It’s that dads have a soft spot for their kids!

Yep that’s right. Dad’s want to be seen as the protectors who are brave and strong. However, they they are softies on the inside, ESPECIALLY when it comes to their crazy kiddos. If there’s anything or anyone that can get them choked up, it’s their little ones!

Stubbing their toe? Not gonna make ’em cry. Seeing a beautiful sunset? Not even close. But a scribbled coloring page along with a snuggle hug from their babies? That just might do the trick!

So, I’ve designed 5 coloring pages that can double as Father’s Day cards in the hopes that, together, we can give Dad a gift this year that he will cherish forever!

5 Coloring Page Father's Day Cards for Kids to Make for Dad - easy holiday craft for kids

“I Love You!” – Father’s Day Card

Click here to download the “I Love You!” Father’s Day Card.

The third Sunday in June is a special day. It’s the day we get to celebrate Fathers – those who don’t have children yet, those who are currently raising children, and those who’s children are already grown!

It is a time to honor and appreciate the devoted efforts and unconditional love of dad. Because of that, I wanted to create this printable that simply says, “I love you! Happy Father’s Day”. It’s a brief note that encapsulates what this holiday is about.

For the children that can’t yet write or talk, this page says what they can’t say just yet!

While not every dad wears a suit and tie, this coloring page is a fun way to remember the classic “dad” symbols and put them to good use!

"I Love You!" - Father's Day Card

You’re the Best Dad – Father’s Day Card

Click here to download the “You’re the Best Dad” Father’s Day Card.

Dads work SO HARD! Whether they have a 9-5 desk job, travel for work, stay at home, or run their own company, dads are always busy trying to support the needs of their family. Sounds exhausting doesn’t it?!

Sometimes dads just need to feel appreciated!

With this printable coloring page card, you can help your child/children tell their dad 5 things that they love about him! I can guarantee that he will smile as he reads these little notes about how great he is.

You're the Best Dad - Father's Day Card

#1 Dad Award – Father’s Day Card

Click here to download the “#1 Dad Award” Father’s Day Card.

Dads wear a million hats. Sometimes they are the money maker, other times they are the sports coach, doctor, or fixer-upper. Somehow, they manage to do all this and still have time to kiss their kids on the forehead and tuck them in at night. If that’s not worthy of a trophy, then I don’t know what is.

With this printable, you can help your child tell Dad that he is their #1! And that they are his #1 fan!! Give dad the credit he deserves with this special trophy, worth even more than gold!

What do your kids love about their dad?

For me, I loved that my dad would always cheer me on at my cross country races, coach me through my volley games, show up for my theater productions, and hold me when I was sad. He didn’t just tell me that he loved me, he showed it!

This Father’s day card is a way to SHOW DAD just how important he is!

#1 Dad Award - Father's Day Card

You’re My Superhero! – Father’s Day Card

Click here to download the “You’re My Superhero!” Father’s Day Card.

Dads are absolute superheroes!! They do it all. Dads teach their kids how to play sports and say sorry. They feed them, care for them when they are sick, and bandage their boo boos.

And while he may not be perfect, he’s trying. That’s all that we ask for.

For the kids that look up to their dad and want to become like him, this card is a simple way to let him know what a great example he is.

Now, get creative and design a super suit for Dad!

You're my Superhero - Father's Day Card

I Love You Dad!! – Father’s Day Card

Click here to download the “I Love You Dad!!” Father’s Day Card.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think that a child’s drawing can say even more than that!

Because children are just learning to read, write, and talk, their drawings can say all the things that they wish they could convey with their words. A simple heart can say “I Love You” and a smile can say “I feel safe with you”.

What do you think your child’s drawings would say to dad?!

Find out by printing off this imaginative coloring page and letting them go to work!

I Love You Dad! - Father's Day Card

I am a firm believer that gifts don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Especially for kids, making Father’s day cards can be a heartfelt way to let Dad know just how much he means to them.

I hope that these Father’s Day cards help you and your family have an enjoyable holiday together! Happy Father’s Day!

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