Fathers Day Candy Bar Poster

What’s better than celebrating our favorite Dad with this Father’s Day Candy Bar Poster?! My husband is quite the candy connoisseur and so this candy bar poster really is the perfect thing for him! He would rather eat out of a gas station, and frequently does since he is on the road ALL THE TIME for his job, than regular food. I think he may still be in jr high, which is when I would use my lunch money to buy a candy bar and a diet coke from the vending machines. To each his own, right? Regardless, this was really fun to do with my daughter (we had do to do it during nap time so my 2 year old son wouldn’t eat all of the candy). The part they are looking forward to most is helping him consume all of this sugary goodness on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Candy Bar Poster

Father's Day Candy Bar Poster - eventstocelebrate.netThe wording is:

Dear Dad – 

We hope Father’s Day is EXTRA special! We wanted to get you a KAT or trip to New YORK but knew you’d rather spend time with your little PATCH of kids. We were MINT to be a family! Luckily, Mom thinks you are a BIG LEAGUE HUBBA BUBBA and not a NERDS! We love that you are a big SMARTIE, XTREMELY fun and always a JOY to be around! 

We love you to PIECES!!!


Father's Day Candy Bar Poster - eventstocelebrate.net