50 Earth Day Activities for Kids!

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These 50 Earth Day activities are perfect for kids of all ages. There are ideas for crafts, games, food, indoor and outdoor activities!! With this list, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In this post I have gathered a wide variety of exciting activities, crafts, and recipes you can use to celebrate our beautiful planet. These Earth Day activities for kids are sure to make the day feel extra special! Not only are they cute and fun, but many of them also provide educational opportunities for teaching and learning.

Conserving our planet is no small task, and we need every little helper on board. With these activities, you can help educate the rising generation on the importance of sustainable practices in a way that is entertaining and hopeful!!

Earth Day Games/Crafts

Here’s a challenge: With these crafts, try to think of ways you can reduce waste, reuse items, and recycle materials you already have!

  1. Imagine the earth millions of years ago with our Dinosaur coloring pages .
  2. Collect fun looking plants to make your own “fossil” clay impressions.
  3. Design your own tissue paper butterfly.
  4. Put on your aprons and do this fizzy Earth Day science experiment .
  5. Have your kids practice taking care of the planet with this “Clean the Water” sensory bin. This is a great opportunity to talk about conservation, pollution, littering, and trash.
  6. Paint or color this free Earth Day printable activity.
  7. Get out your craft supplies to make this paper plate earth craft.
  8. Make these cool Earth Day lava lamps.
  9. Stir up some stretchy Earth Day slime.
  10. Play some Earth Day bingo!
  1. Pull out your colored pencils and crayons for this Earth Day color by number.
  2. Teach your kids a little something with this Happy Earth vs. Sad Earth Sorting Activity.
  3. Grab some packets of seeds and make these seed bombs to plant in your yard.
  4. Create these beautiful green and blue sun catchers.
  5. Complete a free Earth Day inspired word search puzzle.
  6. Fold an Earth Day cootie catcher.
  7. Squirt out some paint to do this balloon stamping activity.
  8. Make these adorable wind socks to celebrate the planet.
  9. Make eco-friendly fishies with repurposed water bottles.
  10. Reuse an egg carton container to make this egg carton tree craft.

Outdoor Earth Day Activities

A great way to instill the importance of the Earth into your kids hearts is by helping them have experiences enjoying nature. With these activities you can get out of the house and breath in some fresh air!

  1. Go on a nature walk or hike! You can even collect cool rocks, leaves, or sticks. You might even see some wildlife!
  2. Visit a local park.
  3. Have an outdoor picnic.
  4. Learn about recycling and try your hand at sorting the garbage, cans, glass, plastic, and paper!
  5. Go for a swim at a nearby beach, pool, or rec center.
  6. Try an outdoor sport such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking, snowshoeing, frisbee, paddle boarding, pickleball, spike ball, and more!
  7. Use sidewalk chalk to write fun Earth day messages for all your neighbors.
  8. Learn about gardening and maybe even plant some flowers or seeds in your backyard.
  9. Do an Earth Day scavenger hunt activity.
  10. Get outside and fly recycled bag kites!

Indoor Earth Day Activities

Sometimes it can be hard to leave the house, but that’s ok. You can still celebrate Earth day from inside! These ideas are great for when there is bad weather, you are low on time, or you just don’t have the energy for an outing.

  1. Hang this positive “Fill the earth with love!” theme on your fridge.
  2. Throw a nature party with these fun ideas!
  3. Use natural ingredients to make homemade potpourri .
  4. Have your kids make and share a power point presentation about their favorite animal and its habitat.
  5. Watch the “Earth: One Amazing Day” documentary (available on Prime Video)
  6. Enjoy an episode or two of PBS Kids tv show, Wild Kratts.
  7. Visit your local science museum.
  8. Check out what is showing on the National Geographic channel.
  9. Get some tiny pots and plant seeds! You can even mention compost during this activity.
  10. Read some run Earth day books such as “The Earth Book, “Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years”, and “What Does it Mean to Be Green?”.

Earth Day Foods

After enjoying a day full of fun Earth Day activities, it is a guarantee that your kids will be hungry for a snack. Here are some fun Earth-Day-Inspired foods to keep your little ones excited and energized.

  1. Bake some Earth shaped cookies.
  2. Whip up some “Dirt” cups with gummy worms .
  3. Sip a minty green McDonald’s Shamrock Shake .
  4. Pop some Earth Day Popcorn!
  5. Craft your very own turkey pin wheel tree.
  6. Enjoy some delicious green and blue chocolate bark.
  7. Snack on some friendly critter bites. These look just like caterpillars and snails!
  8. Have a taste of these vibrant spinach mango popsicles.
  9. Graze from this rainbow snack board for kids.
  10. Take a bite from this spring flowers edible arrangement.

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