Activities for National Hot Chocolate Day!

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January 31 st is National Hot Chocolate Day!! Celebrate with these fun hot chocolate activities!

I’ve found that there is a designated holiday for just about anything you can think of, and I love it! I’ll take any reason to celebrate things I love, including hot chocolate.

But how did hot chocolate get it’s own holiday? When did people first start drinking hot chocolate? Here’s a simple timeline that helps tell the origin story of our beloved warm winter treat.

When it comes to hot chocolate, I am a *big* fan. As someone who gets cold easily, I’ve always appreciated how a cup of hot chocolate could warm your insides and melt away the cold. I think most kids are with me on that one. In fact, I can’t say I know too many kids who don’t like hot chocolate. SO if you’re a hot chocolate lover like me or have kids, this is a holiday that your home will love celebrating and that won’t break the bank!

**Note: Click on the heading to see the full Pinterest article for each activity!

1. Hot Chocolate Stand

We’ve all heard of the classic lemonade stand during the summer time. Why not make a cute little hot chocolate stand during the winter?!

If you live somewhere really cold you can bundle them up and send them out the door. Truth be told, your kids probably won’t last longer than 30 minutes to an hour out in the cold, but then they can come inside and enjoy a warm cup themselves.

2. Blindfold Taste Test

Individual hot cocoa packets are super cheap and come in like a million flavors. Land O’ Lakes in particular has a good variety of different flavors.

Kids LOVE games, and this one is super easy to throw together. All you need is a few different kinds of cocoa, paper, and something to write with. This way they can write down their flavor guess and a rating for how well they liked it. Your kids will love making a game out of trying to name the flavor of each kind of hot chocolate they try!

3. Doorbell Ditch Delivery

I have a memory as a kid delivering Christmas baskets with my family. We would each take turns hoping out of the van, running it up to the door, giving a quick knock or doorbell ring, and then sprinting back as fast as we could. It was honestly SO fun!

So here’s my thought. Why not make mini hot cocoa goodie bags to leave on your friends and neighbors’ doors? It is a super inexpensive gift to hand out that shows that you are thinking them!

4. Mug Decorating

Hot chocolate just tastes better in a mug. I stand by that opinion!

For the holiday, you could grab a few blank mugs from Walmart, the Dollar Story, or your local crafts store and decorate them! The possibilities here are endless! You could paint them, add glitter, hot glue items to it, and the list goes on!

5. Make a Hot Chocolate Bar

With the help of your kiddos, you can make a cute little hot chocolate bar and invite friends over to join you!

You could even have them grab their cocoa, wrap up in a warm blanket, and then sit down to hear you read them children’s books. You could also take the party outside and have kids roast their own marshmallows to add to their drink. Either way, they will love adding in different toppings to make their hot chocolate all their own!

One thing that makes me feel really happy and satisfied is finding cheap ways to celebrate the little things in life with people I care about. It’s funny how a little cup of hot chocolate can do so much to bring people together or brighten someone’s day. Hopefully these activities can help you do just that!

If you think of more fun ways to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day, please share them!

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