Magical Unicorn Coloring Pages – Free Printable

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Step into a world of wonder with these free printable unicorn coloring pages, each featuring a unicorn and magical rainbow!

These free printables will not only spark imagination and creativity in your child, but they just might uncover a princess, fairy, or mermaid too! You never know what can happen once the creative juices start flowing!!

Our mini collection of unicorn coloring pages features 2 different unicorns. These friendly cartoons are the perfect activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids. Each design is kid-friendly and age-appropriate. Because of that, we know you will love these pages as much as we do. So, crack out the arts and crafts materials (maybe even glitter if you are brave), because today is all about unicorns!

Uses for these Unicorn Coloring Pages

  • Teaching about the letter U – Pictures are a great tool for teaching. Whether you homeschool, host a preschool, or are an elementary teacher, these pages can be a great tool for teaching kids about the alphabet.
  • Activity at a Unicorn Birthday Party – Got a young one who loves unicorns? Us too! In fact, we like unicorns so much that we have an article all about how to throw a Unicorn themed party. We have ideas for unicorn crafts, party decorations, and unicorn party treats!
  • After school activity for kids – Kids love to color! It is a low key activity that keeps them entertained and happy but requires little supervision. This means that coloring can buy you some time to cook dinner, help with homework, or tidy up the house. Talk about a win win!
  • Celebrate National Unicorn Day! – April 9th is the big day. To celebrate, you could color one of these pages, do a unicorn craft, or even read books like Unicorn Day and How to Catch a Unicorn.

Quality Art Materials

The worst thing is when I am getting out all the materials for a craft or recipe and then realize that I am out of an item I need! It is so frustrating!! So, if you are low on crayons or colored pencils, follow my link to easily stock back up on your art supplies!

Unicorn and a Rainbow

Click here to access your Unicorn and a Rainbow free downloadable printable.

Double Rainbow Unicorn

Click here to access your Double Rainbow Unicorn free downloadable printable.

In case you missed it before, here are the links for the free unicorn and rainbow and double rainbow printables.

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