Unicorn Party Decorations and Food

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When I set out to plan this Unicorn party I started on Pinterest (probably like most of you) and found some really amazing ideas! What was harder to find were ideas that were easy to duplicate. My budget and party plan didn’t really allow for one of those amazing Unicorn cakes, but I really wanted a Unicorn centerpiece. I think you’ll find that the Unicorn party decorations I made are not only easy to do, but great on your budget and time! The food at any party is my favorite part and this Unicorn party food was really fun to plan! I’ll share the rest of the Unicorn party crafts and activities in a second post. For now, onto the Unicorn party decorations and food!

Unicorn Party Decorations

Unicorn Party Decorations

Unicorn Party Poster

Unicorn Party - Unicorn Poster DIY

I found the unicorn image in the Silhouette design online store and purchased it. I used the Silhouette design software to blow it up really large and cut out the different pieces in colored cardstock. Then I mounted it on a white poster board. Adding gold metallic craft paint to the edges gave it a “framed” look. For dimension and sparkle, I added iridescent glitter to the horn. This was much less expensive than a Unicorn cake, and still gave my party that definite Unicorn theme!

DIY Decor: Unicorn Rainbow Tissue Pom Poms

Unicorn Party Decorations - Rainbow Tissue Pom Poms

The white tissue pom pom decorations from Oriental Trading were great! I’ve made them from scratch before, but this was a huge time saver! I then took fabric spray paint in the various colors and sprayed around the equator of each pouf to add a bit of color. I LOVE how they turned out! Adding a tissue paper tassel from the Rainbow Tassel Table Skirt (it was 9′ long) to the base of each pouf gave it the finishing touch (I cut them in 1/2 lengths)!  

Unicorn Party Finishing Touches

Unicorn Party - Eventstocelebrate.net

Placing the rest of the Rainbow Tassel Table Skirt in front of my buffet rounded out the color theme and helped unify all of the decorations. I then ran a length of Cloud Paper Roll (it is meant for bulletin boards at school) to the dining table. 

Unicorn Party Food

Unicorn party treats can make the party extra special!

Unicorn Party Food

Here are the FREE UNICORN PARTY FOOD LABELS – yes, the font is different than the pictures. I sent this to the print shop and when I picked it up they looked like the ones in the picture. I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t have time to have them printed again so we went with them. I like these ones much better: Unicorn Food Labels

Click to print!

Unicorn Party Food: Unicorn Manes

Unicorn Party - Unicorn Manes

I have a small obsession with cotton candy and incorporate it into any party or holiday I can! Luckily, this wasn’t a stretch, it works perfectly for Unicorn Hair or a Unicorn Mane!

Unicorn Horns: Party Food

Unicorn Party - Unicorn Horns

Twisty Lollipops were the perfect Unicorn Horn! They came in a padded box and not a single one was broken! Sweet!

Unicorn Feed

Unicorn Party - Unicorn Feed

I made a big batch of my Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn and put it in these darling Unicorn Popcorn Boxes. So perfect right?!

Unicorn Party Cookies

Unicorn Party - Unicorn Treats

This looks a lot more tricky than it actually is. I used food coloring to make 3 colors of frosting. Each color went into a separate ziptop sandwich bag. Then I cut the tips off of them and placed them all inside one extra large piping bag fitted with a large star tip. Then, just pip as usual and you get the swirly-twirly color variations! This is also the technique I used for my daughters Troll birthday cupcakes

Unicorn Party food: Unicorn Poop

Unicorn Party - Unicorn Poop

A bag of color mini marshmallows did the trick for Unicorn Poop. Just pop open the bag and this treat is ready to go! See, I told you the food was simple but cute!

Unicorn Tears- Unicorn Floats

Unicorn Party - Unicorn Tears

I love a good party drink! For the Unicorn floats I added rainbow sherbet ice cream and a bottle of Sprite to the punch bowl. Then when serving them, I spooned some into a plastic wine glass, added a generous amount of whipped cream. Garnished with mini marshmallows (Unicorn Poop) and sprinkles and stuck in a gold foil striped straw and a twisty lollipop (Unicorn Horn). So refreshing and perfect! 

For more Unicorn party treat ideas, check out: 10 EASY UNICORN PARTY TREATS!

Unicorn Party- food and decor ideas

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