Unicorn Party Crafts and Activities

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We had a lot of fun at the Unicorn party I hosted last week for my nieces. With a wide range of ages, I wanted crafts and activities that would appeal to all of them. Luckily, these girls were so happy with all of the fun we had and the older girls helped the younger girls. I think you’ll really love the easy Unicorn crafts and fun Unicorn activities and so will your party guests!

If you are just getting here, make sure you check out my post showing all of the Unicorn party decorations and Unicorn party food. Together, these two posts will help you plan a perfect Unicorn party! Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty (Any Nacho Libre fans out there? Just me? Okay, moving on.).

unicorn party crafts and activities

Unicorn Crafts

Unicorn Party Favor Bags

These Unicorn party favor bags from Oriental Trading are just adorable! Rather than assembling them myself for each guest, I had the girls do that as one of the crafts at the party. Genius right? We wrote their name on the back and then as we completed other crafts at the party they kept them inside their bags so they were ready to take home at the end of the party. They are peel and stick and easy for any age. 

Unicorn Headbands

With a rainbow of colors to select from, each guest made their own unique Unicorn headband following the step-by-step tutorial I posted about. I loved the variations and creativity of each girl! 

Unicorn Masks

Coloring Unicorn masks was another fun and easy for any age craft. They came in a package of 12 from Oriental Trading and we added these self adhesive plastic jewels after coloring them. 

Unicorn Party Activities

Rainbow Nail Painting

I bought nail polish in all of the colors of the rainbow and the girls painted each others nails in a rainbow of colors! 

Unicorn Hair Dye

Unicorn Party Crafts and Activities

You may want to ask parents permission before doing this, but it turned out REALLY cute! I boiled a big pot of water. Then I filled a ceramic mug about 1/2 full and added one packet of Kool Aid to the mug. Stir just a bit to make sure it is evenly distributed. Then, section off a little strip of hair and put it in the water for 5-10 minutes. This is how my daughters hair turned out with Grape Kool Aid. When we washed it the next morning, it was a dark red, and the third day it was a dark pink. It has faded a bit each day. My niece Clara did blue and it turned out REALLY pretty!! If your hair is dark already, it may not pick up the color as well. 

All of the crafts and activities went so well with our Unicorn themed party and the girls had a great time!!

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