Unicorn Headband

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DIY Unicorn headband

I love all of the Unicorn birthday party ideas out there right now! They are so perfect for my 6 year old daughter! We have been in love with all of the Unicorn headband crafts but so many look really complicated or not kid friendly (meaning, they may get destroyed in 2 hours and you don’t want to have spent more time than that to make them). I set out to create an easy to duplicate Unicorn headband and I think you’ll see that I did just that! You don’t even have to try to form the cone/horn piece! Let me show you what I mean.

Unicorn Headband

Supplies Needed:

Unicorn Headband - perfect for a Unicorn party!

Step 1:

unicorn headband craft

Begin by wrapping one end of a chenille stem around the smallest end of the paper cone. I bent the top of the chenille stem and glued it into the open top of the paper cone. Next I started wrapping from there. Once you have the chenille stem wrapped as tightly as you would like, cut the paper cone to the length of the bottom of the chenille stem. Mine ended up being about 7″ long. Take the end of the chenille stem and bend it under the bottom of the paper cone and secure with hot glue.

Step 2:

unicorn party craft

Glue the paper cone to the top of the headband. This is why I used a thick headband so the paper cone could be completely glued to the surface of the headband. You don’t want your unicorn horn unstable! Then, I cut a matching chenille stem in half and brought the ends together to form a Unicorn ear shape. I twisted the end together and then bent the end just a bit to create a “foot” for it to stand on when it was glued to the headband.

Step 3:

completed unicorn headband project

Add chenille pom poms in various colors and sizes to complete the look.

I love the beautiful Unicorn cakes, Unicorn parties and Unicorn crafts I see everywhere and hope this Unicorn headband is simple enough you’ll try it out! You can find cotton candy cones at party supply stores, or order them through the link above. And, you can find the headbands at the dollar store which makes these an inexpensive Unicorn party craft or Unicorn party favor!

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