Back to School Word Search – Free Printable!


Help your kids/students get excited for the new school year with this back to school word search. It’s educational and fun!

Why This is Great for Parents

For you parents, the end of the summer is a busy time. While you have loved having your kids around more, you are also exhausted from traveling and keeping them entertained. Both you and the kids are at a point where you are ready for a little bit more structure.

This printable word search can be a nice activity that requires little supervision/help but also is fun for the kids. When you’re in need of a little break, just give them this worksheet!

Why This is Great for Teachers

Just like parents, the end of the summer is busy for you teachers. As you gear up for a new school year, there is a lot to get organized. No matter how organized you are, those first few days of the year can still be chaotic and tiring.

And while some parents are good about encouraging their kids to do academic things throughout the summer, others might still be in “zombie mode” or a “summer coma” from not really exercising their brains the last few months. This back to school word search is great for getting those juices flowing again in a fun way!

Back to School Word Search

Here is a free printable worksheet that your kids will love!

I made it on within about 5 minutes. So, if you’re ever wanting to custom make a worksheet, then just create an account and get creating!

Back to School Word Search Answer Key

I recommend either having this pulled up or printed out so that when the kids have questions or are struggling, you can help them out!

And there there have a free back to school word search! Best of luck with the new year!

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