Summer Fun Poster


At the beginning of each Summer my sister purchases 5 or 6 feet of colored butcher paper. She and her kids sit down and brainstorm all of the fun activities they want to do over the Summer. Then they all write those ideas on the poster and they hang it in their house and cross things off as they do them. If they are having a week where not a lot is planned, they go to the poster to find ideas for what to plan. I decided to make my own version for our family this year so we wouldn’t get to the end of the Summer and not feel like we hadn’t done anything fun.


I know other moms write ideas on slips of paper and put them in a boredom jar for kids to get into on those afternoons when they complain that there is “nothing to do!”. You know you’ve heard them say it – now you can prevent it a little bit by doing a little bit of planning. Celebrate Summer by keeping track of the fun (even simple) things you and your family do!

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