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This post includes 5 cute Christmas tags that you can print for free! Adding a little personal touch to your holiday gift has never been easier!

Are you looking for cute, simple tags you can attach to your Christmas gifts? If so, you’ve come to the right place!!

In this post, we feature 5 different tag designs that you can use and print for FREE!

Of course, any gift tag is going to need a great gift to go along with it. Check out our gift guides to find the perfect gift for your special someone this holiday season!!

Holiday Gift Guides:

Reasons To Add a Printable Christmas Tag To Your Gifts

  1. Super cute – There are just too many designs not to!
  2. Low Cost – Since our designs are free, you just need to provide the paper for printing. See our FREE printables below.
  3. Unique gift – Tags help to make your gift even more customized and thought out. They are a subtle way of showing the gift recipient just how much you care.
  4. Space for a Message – If you don’t want the hassle of a card, but still want to say something meaningful, a gift tag is the perfect way to go!


What is a Christmas Tag? How is it used?

  • A Christmas tag is a small note you can attach to Christmas presents. Generally they are small in size, made from thick paper, and have a brief message or holiday greeting from the gift giver.
  • The purpose of gift tags is to help identify who gave the gift, who the gift is for, and possibly to convey a short message.

How big are these printable Christmas tags?

  • The printable tags that are included in this article are about 2 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches tall.
  • This size makes them perfect for attaching to a gift bag or wrapped present. They are small enough to seem appropriate, but large enough for you to write down a heartfelt message on the other side!

What paper is best for printing?

  • When printing gift tags, you want to use a thicker paper. Doing so will help to prevent the tags from bending, ripping, or being damaged. Our suggestion is to use cardstock paper!

What should you write on a gift tag?

  • Generally, gift tags will have a spot that says who the gift is from, who the gift is for, and a short message from the sender to the receiver.
  • If you’re having trouble figuring out something to say on the gift tag, read suggestions here!

Cute Printable Christmas Tag Designs

Here are 5 designs that we are just sure you will love! While they could be used for any situation, we’ve added suggestions that might help you find the perfect tag.

Soft Blue Snowflake Tag

The light blue of this tag combined with the swirling snowflakes makes for a magical wonderland. This tag is playful but also calm. We think it would be great for your child, their school teacher, or a sports coach.

Green Presents Tag

The jolly green color of this tag brings a merry and bright feeling with its “Merry Christmas” message and collection of presents. It is simple but also safe and warm. Use this tag for parents of your kid’s friends or people from church!

Red & White Tree Farm Tag

The pure white trees and “Merry Christmas” message stand out boldly against the cheery red backdrop of this tag. It has all the energy and joy of the holiday season bundled up in an elegant frame. Share this with a boss, client, or dear friend.

Deep Red Ho-Ho-Ho Tag

The cranberry background of this tag pairs well with the funky and fun “Ho-Ho-Ho” writing to create a tag that feels silly in the best way possible. It’s giving “Elf” movie vibes and would be awesome for a gift to a close friend or family member.

Tan Tag With a Red Ribbon

This two-toned beige tag has a modern classic feel. With curvy writing and a bright red ribbon, it has a warm feeling that is perfect for a neighbor or co-worker.

Hopefully you found a tag that you liked. And if you have suggestions for future gift tag designs, share them in the comments. We’d love to hear what kind of tags you like and how you style them!

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