Dinosaur Birthday Party

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Dinosaurs are all the rage! When it comes down to it, a birthday party with dinosaurs is every little boys dream.

So how do you make a successful dinosaur party for everyone to enjoy? I think one of the biggest things is keeping the dinosaurs friendly. This is essential! We don’t want to scare any of the children and want them to love seeing and being with all the dinosaurs decorations.

Two, providing some sort of craft and or activity. Providing an activity will help keep the children occupied and out of trouble. Lastly, eating delicious cake and ice cream or whatever desert you serve is essential! 

Children’s birthday parties do not need to be complicated. Let me reiterate that, keep the parties simple! In fact, the more simple the party the better it turns out. This is because children are so busy and easily overstimulated. You want them to be able to play and have fun but not feel completely overwhelmed.

As mentioned, the first thing to keep in mind when creating a dinosaur party is, friendly dinosaurs. There are so many varieties of dinosaurs and to be honest some are more vicious looking than others. Whether it’s a T-Rex or a Brachiosaurus, you want to make sure that they are friendly enough that the children aren’t scared by them. 


If you are anything like me you have some dinosaur toys around the house. Use those to help decorate your house. Place them out and available for children to play with but use them as decoration as well.

Next take those dinosaurs you have and use them to create your color scheme. A really easy color scheme to stick with when decorating for a dinosaur party is earth tones.

I like to start with the greens and browns and yellows and pull those in with the tablecloth plates napkins and balloons. Streamers are also a very easy way to decorate your home for a party and helps make everything come to life.

Then add some cute sets of decorations. I generally end up going to the store and either finding craft or wrapping paper that has a variety of dinosaur characters. Next, I cut the Dino’s out and place them around the party place. 

This makes decorating easy and inexpensive because you’re only buying one item compared to a bunch of specific themed items. (Let’s be honest, nothing is worse than having a bunch of leftover decorations that you’ll never do anything with again.)

Next is making the cake. Cakes can be either very tricky to make or very simple. One way I like to make a cake for a dinosaur is by baking a cake on a sheet pan. 

Then pulling out parchment paper and tracing the dinosaur on the paper cutting it out and placing it on top of the sheet cake. 

Next take a knife and cut the dinosaur out of the sheet cake. Remove the extra cake from around the Dinosaur and you will have your shape that you want. This is a great option to do if you are having a large group over and need a lot of cake.

With the extra cake you can do a couple of different things. One fun way to use it is to crumble it up, mix it with frosting and form it into a volcano.

Be sure when decorating your cake that the cake is frozen. This is essential if you don’t want your cake to crumble apart on the top.

Another more simple dinosaur cake is by making your regular cake, frosting it and then placing some clean plastic dinosaurs on top and around the cake. Just remind people that the dinosaurs aren’t edible.

Dinosaur Activities:

There are so many fun activities with a dinosaur party. You can adjust many of the games to meet the age requirements, but I have gone ahead and spaced these out into a couple of age groups. However, you probably can simplify or make the activities easier or harder as needed.

Ages 2-4

A couple fun simple activities for ages 2 to 4 is taking them on a dino egg hunt. Have the children find hidden eggs around the house or yard that you have filled with mini eggs treats and dinosaurs. 

Pin the tail on the dinosaur. Is another simple yet fun game to play. 

If you have a sand box or another area that you can burry dinosaur bones in, this can also be a fun activity by allowing them to be a paleontologist for a bit, keep in mind depending on their ages you may need to help find them. 

Ages 4-8 

A simple fun activity to do with children around the ages of 4 to 8 is having them paint dinosaurs or dinosaur eggs and create their own. This can be done with either modeling clay, paper or pre-bought eggs/dinosaurs.

Dino tracks hunt is a fun game to play. Essentially, you will have Dino tracks hidden through out a certain area. On the back of each dino track, name the print of the next dinosaur that they will be looking for and a hit or clue. The kids will then find the next track read the clue that will lead to the next track and read the next clue ect. The final clue leads to a prize or treat.

Lastly, one or the most fun things to do at a Dino party is a piñata. I don’t know why, but children love piñatas. Probably  because of all the candy that falls out of them and they can destroy them without getting into trouble.

Find a fun happy dinosaur piñata fill it up with candy many dinosaurs and little prizes. Give each of the children a little gift bag and have them place the prizes from the piñata in there. This makes it so you don’t have to worry about making or giving a little gift bag for them to take home. 

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons kids love birthday parties is because of all the presents that are given and received. You want to always end the party with opening presents. I say this because kids get so excited about the presents and we don’t want them to be the focus.

By allowing the kids to open the presents near the end they can play with some of the presents for a few minutes before they leave and enjoy them but it doesn’t turn out to being the focus of the day.

In the end, just remember kids love to play! Provide them with some fun activities and don’t worry about how smooth everything goes because they are just happy to be together!!

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