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Believe it or not, the original Pinocchio movie was released in 1940!! After over 80 years, Disney decided it was about time for an updated version. Just last month Disney released a new live action version of this timeless classic film! Now I don’t know about you, but it feels like every time a new kids movie comes out there’s a flood of themed merchandise, toys, and clothing. Whether your little one is obsessed with the old classic or excited by its new rendition, check out these party ideas for your next celebration. They are perfect for a watch party or birthday gathering!


When it comes to decorations, it is helpful to play off of the main colors that Pinocchio wears himself- white, red, blue, and yellow. Across the different party set ups I found, many of them had clocks, balloons, streamers, and character printouts! Others utilized blocks, wooden toys, and even mini dolls. The nice thing is that your party decorations are so customizable!

Pinocchio Birthday Party

Party Set up from Between the Pages blog
Pinocchio Themed Party from Catch My Party
Pinocchio Birthday Party from My Little Play Place
Pinocchio Birthday Celebration from Baby and Breakfast

Here is a link for Pinocchio themed printables from Etsy.

Party Food Ideas

I personally think it is so fun to have themed food at any celebration. Take your party to the next level with these awesome Pinocchio themed snacks and treats!

  • Star shaped Rice Krispy Treats
Pinocchio recipe food idea - Blue fairy Rice Krispie Star Wand
Star shaped Rice Krispy Treats from Mommys Movie Magic

Just as the Blue Fairy makes a dream come true with her wand, these rice krispy treats will be a dream come true for any kid wanting a sweet treat!

  • Pinocchio Cake Pops

One of the things Pinocchio is known for is the fact that his nose grows every time he lies. These are a fun DIY treat that represent Pinocchio’s character.

  • Apples and Dip
Easy apple dip for a party snack
Sliced Apples and Cream Cheese Dip from The Seasoned Mom

Because Pinocchio is so often seen with an apple, these are a great addition to the party snacks!

  • Cannolis
Cannolis from Pixie Dust and Posies

Really any Italian inspired foods can be a fun addition to the snack table. Cannolis are a great dessert option because they are small and individual finger foods.

  • “The Great Stromboli”
Stromboli from Mommys Movie Magic

Stromboli may be one of the movie’s villains, but the only thing this recipe is guilty of is how tasty it is! It’s sure to be a hit at your party.

Homemade Pizza from Melissa Kemper on Allrecipes

Not only is pizza classic party food, but it fits right into the Italian theme from Pinocchio. You could order pizza or have the kids make individual ones as an activity.

  • “Cricket food” Veggie tray
A large veggie tray with assorted fresh and steamed vegetables, ranch dip and hummus.

Jiminy Cricket is a major character in the movie. You can use him as an excuse to sneak some veggies into your party food array.

  • Fish/Whale crackers
product image zoom
Whale Shaped Crackers from

Pinocchio returns home from Pleasure Island to find that his father was swallowed by a whale! These are a fun snack to go along with that scene in the movie.

  • “Wood” Pretzel Sticks
spicy pretzels sticks and rods with dip
Pretzel Sticks and Dip from

Since Pinocchio was carved out of wood, these can represent the material used to make him. Pair the pretzel sticks with lunch meat and cheese, a dip, melted chocolate, or just eat them plain!

Activities and Crafts

  • Pinocchio Puppet craft
pinocchio.gif (1208×1735) | Artigianato per bambini, Progetti per bambini,  Arte in età prescolare
Boy Puppet Printable from

Have the kids cut out these body shapes and then use mini foldable brass brads to connect them and form a paper puppet! They can even color it before cutting it out.

  • Pin the tail on the Donkey

While on Pleasure Island, Pinocchio nearly gets turned into a donkey! This is a fun activity that ties along with that part of the movie.

  • Puppet Cookie Decorating
Three decorated Gingerbread Men Cookies laying on a white board surrounded by Christmas Sprinkles.
Gingerbread Boys from Two Sisters Crafting

With the use of gingerbread or boy-shaped sugar cookies and some pipped frosting, you can have the kids decorate their own puppet boy!

  • Giant Jenga
A group of elementary school students playing Jenga.
Kids Playing Jenga from

Going along with the wood theme found in Pinocchio, Jenga is a fun game that virtually any age group can participate in!

  • Pinocchio Storybook reading
Pinocchio Storybook from Aldi’s

Lots of kids enjoy listening to stories read aloud to them. It’s relatively inexpensive to get a children’s copy of Pinocchio, so just buy one ahead of time. Have the little ones gather around to hear this fun story and see the colorful illustrations!

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