New Year’s Eve Party Decoration Ideas

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These New Year’s Eve Party decoration ideas are just the thing you need to blow your friends away and ring in the new year! This post has everything you need for a show-stopping party!

What is a moment you wish you could relive from this past year? Or a moment you wish you could erase? Think about what was significant about those experiences.

The start of a new year is such an interesting time. Often times, even if there were difficult or unpleasant aspects of the last 12 months, there were also moments of joy, calm, and laughter. The new year offers a way for you to reminisce about the positive experiences and find peace in putting those not-so-positive things behind you.

Why do we throw New Year’s Eve parties? It is an excuse to dress up, get friends together, and joy in the hope of the future! There are endless possibilities for this next season of life. Sounds like a pretty good reason to celebrate to me!

If you’re planning or hosting a New Year’s Eve Party this year, use these ideas to help you decorate the space and bring a festiveness to the party atmosphere. Generally, most New Year’s decorations are black, gold, and silver, so that is mainly what I have featured. Feel free to continue with that theme or try something new!

Decoration Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Party

Homemade Firework Decorations

Fireworks are one of my favorite parts of ringing in the new year. Depending on where you live, it might be a little chilly to watch the fireworks outside. Instead of suffering in the cold, you can enjoy them from a window. But ALSO bring them inside by making and hanging some of these homemade fireworks!

Paper Fireworks Tutorial from Hoosier Homemade
Tissue Paper Fireworks from Hey Let’s Make Stuff
Water Bottle Fireworks from Gina Tepper

New Year Balloons

Balloons are a go-to party decoration, because they are cheap, easy to use, very customizable, and fill the space well. There are SO many different varieties, but here are 3 balloon options for your party!

Balloon Garland Kit from Ali Express


Making a space feel themed can be a big challenge. A backdrop is a great tool for choosing the tone of your party. It can take on the main role of setting the colors and feel. Then you just choose other decorations to accent or enhance what the backdrop is already doing for you. Here are 3 glimmery backdrops to help capture the magic of the new year.

Star Foil Garland from Table Cloths Factory
Gold Curtain from Oriental Trading


Banners are great for decorating a bare wall or large open space. You can choose ones with or without words. Personally, I love the little tassels. I think they are so simple and fun. Regardless of what you want to make up the banner, below are some good examples of the different varieties.

Year banner from Party City


Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the typical party decor. There are plenty of other types of decorations that can bring a fun energy to the party or separate yours from the rest. Here are a few not-so-common decorations!

Letter Board from, buy one from Michaels, Five Below, or Amazon

Table Decor from Target

No matter how you choose to celebrate, I wish you happy hosting! Hopefully, this collection of New Year’s Eve party decorations helps you out!

Feel free to use the comments to share pictures of the party decorations you throw together or to share your goals for the new year!

Party Food Ideas

We all know that a party isn’t really a party without delicious food! Try out some of our delicious recipes at your New Year’s party!

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