Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

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If you are throwing a baseball themed party, I’ve got the food and decor ideas to make it memorable!

As soon as I found out I was expecting a boy, I knew that his 1st birthday party would be a Baseball themed party. My husband played baseball growing up (and even into college) and going to MLB games is one of our favorite vacation activities.

If you’re planning one, hopefully these baseball birthday party ideas will come in handy! Be sure to check out the Baseball cake tutorial I posted as well!

Baseball Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

Baseball Birthday Party Decorations

Baseball stitching

For starters, in the photo above you can see the red honeycomb decorations.

  • I purchased a Red Paper Decorating Kit from Zurchers for $9.97 and it came with the 12′ garland, 2 round honeycombs, 2 dot hanging garlands, and 2 each of large and small tissue fans (that I hung over the eating table). (here’s a similar one)
  • I added cardstock baseballs I cut out using my Silhouette machine to the dot garlands and the tissue fans.

(as a side note, I also got the Baseball Paper Plates and Baseball Napkins at Zurchers – but if you don’t have one nearby, I’ve linked to them)

Free Printable Baseball Banner

Baseball themed banner

You know I love FREE PRINTABLES! This free printable baseball banner from HaleGrafx was so perfect! And, did I mention it was free?! It gives you the entire alphabet and you just print the letters you need. I only wish it also came in a mini version with 4 to a page for a cute tiny banner too. 

Baseball Party Centerpiece

Baseball party centerpiece

Since my husband grew up playing baseball, and his mother saved EVERYTHING from his childhood (including a HeMan castle, Star Wars spaceship and every baseball he ever played with), I was able to dig out the giant duffle bag full of old leather baseballs and the entire plastic storage bin of trophies and use them in the decorating.

I LOVED that the baseballs were weathered and worn. It gave the crisp colors of the party a more vintage feel. I filled a large cylinder vase with baseballs and topped it with a baseball mitt. His old trophies added the perfect touch, don’t you think? 

Baseball Party Decor

Baseball themed Wall Pennants

On a corner wall I hung my husbands old baseball pennant flags on the wall. His dad traveled a lot for work when he was young and would buy his boys one whenever he went somewhere. Resting beneath them I added a few of my husbands Louisville Slugger bats. 

DIY Baseball Tablecloth - Events To Celebrate

Baseball Tablecloth

For the eating table I made a baseball table cloth. I purchased a $.97 white plastic table cover from Walmart and used red craft paint and a foam brush to paint on the stitching (don’t look too close, it’s not perfect). 

DIY Baseball Centerpiece

For the centerpiece I added a baseball mitt, some baseballs and a trophy. I really wanted to have a square of fake grass (turf) in the center but couldn’t really find it anywhere. I should have thought ahead and grown wheat grass like I did for this party. 

Baseball Birthday Food Ideas

DIY Baseball Drinking Cups - Events To Celebrate


Lemonade was served in DIY Baseball Drinking Cups.

  • I purchased plain white cups and used a red sharpie marker to draw on the stitching.
  • My tip for the lemonade, which was just Kool-Aid, is that I froze some into ice cubes the day before so the lemonade wouldn’t get watered down.
  • I also added fresh lemon slices.
Baseball Party Food - Events To Celebrate

Hot dogs

Here’s a nice shot of all the yummy things we offered the guests. I thought about doing nachos as well, but just stuck with the classic hot dogs. 

Baseball Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

If you live in Utah, you’ve probably heard of JDawgs. They are a gourmet hot dog shop and their polish dogs on fresh baked buns are amazing. They cross cut the dogs which makes them so good. If you get them to go they leave them uncooked and give you all the condiments, a bottle of their secret sauce and buns. If you haven’t ordered from them, you should – it’s so fun to do for a party!

Baseball Party Food

Snack food

I served chips in this baseball Easter basket. Perfect, right?! I just tucked the handle inside the basket, lined it with a napkin and poured the chips inside. 

Baseball Party Concessions - Events To Celebrate

For the Baseball Concessions stand I offered:

  • Baby Ruth candy bars,
  • Bubble Gum,
  • Peanuts in the shell,
  • homespun Cotton Candy,
  • Popcorn and
  • Cracker Jacks.
  • I had extra popcorn bags the guests could use to fill with the treats offered. The kids totally cleaned this out, except the peanuts – I think my mom was the only one who had any of those. 
Baseball Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate

The Baseball Cake

My baby boy loved his baseball cake, in fact, he grabbed at the frosting with both hands while we were singing to him. By the time I got him his own slice he had smooshed frosting all over his face. Within minutes of me placing the red velvet cake in front of him, it was everywhere (some of it made it into his mouth). He was one happy fella!

It was such a fun party to put together and an added bonus was that there was a game on that night between the Cubs and Mets and the Mets won, they are now headed to the World Series!

Here we are all wearing our baseball shirts, aren’t we cute?!

Baseball Birthday Party Ideas - Events To Celebrate
Baseball Birthday Party Ideas


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