Glam Birthday Party Ideas

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These Glam Birthday Party Ideas include everything from food to activities to decor! With my tips, you can create a glamorous party that your guests will love!

When it comes to birthday party themes for girls, this one is as girly as it gets! My daughter turned seven and has moved out of the princess stage. She loves to paint her nails, put on makeup and wears anything with sequins and glitter so it made sense to throw her a Get Your Glam On birthday party. She was so excited to have her friends join her for a Glam birthday party! Let’s dive into the divalicious details.

Glam Birthday Party Decorations

When we found this balloon garland kit on Amazon, it helped set off the ideas for the entire party. We used clear packing tape to hang three black metallic fringe backdrops. Command hooks and fishing line were used to hang the balloon garland. I especially loved the mylar balloons that came with this kit. They went a long way in reinforcing the theme. 

A black plastic table cover and a simple Happy Birthday banner finished the look.

Glam Birthday Party Food

Themed party is a must! To keep the food kid friendly, we served pizza and soda for dinner. Then, the desserts were all themed.

Here’s what we served:

  • Cherry Cotton Candy = Bath Poufs
  • Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies = Makeup Compacts
  • Strawberry Wafer Cookies = Nail Files
  • Chocolate Coated Marshmallows = Nail Polish
  • Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting topped with these cute cupcake picks, that we also used as photo booth props.

To make the nail polish bottles, I melted pink chocolate wafers and dipped marshmallows in them. To create the handle, I pushed a toothpick into a tootsie roll half way and then into the chocolate dipped marshmallows. They looked adorable! The treats were a big hit with the party guests! We only served the cupcakes during the party and I put everything else in their party favor bag at the end of the party.

Glam Birthday Party Activities

We had so much fun with the Glam party activities! We did two activities as a group and then had them rotate to 4 different stations.  I enlisted the help of two of my sisters and a niece to help with each of the stations which is the only way this all worked.

Hair Claw

As soon as the guests arrived, they were invited to decorate a hair claw with adhesive backed jewels. They had fun bedazzling their hair claw and then we used it later in the hair station. 

Lip Balm

The second activity we did before we split them up was to make lip balm. I used this recipe and it worked really well! Melting the beeswax beads and coconut oil in the microwave took 3-4 minutes, in 1 minute increments. Then we added a powder packet of watermelon Kool Aid to turn it pink. I found small 1 oz jars at Dollar Tree and the girls put adhesive backed jewels all over their jar while I melted the ingredients. I used a pipet from my son’s chemistry set to get the hot liquid into each jar. We popped them in the fridge to set during the party and they were ready to go by the end. 

Here are the four stations we rotated the girls to:

Gel Nails

My niece brought her gel nail kit with two UV lamps to set the nails. She did a quick version of gel nails on each guest. It took about 10 minutes for each group of 2 girls. The girls really loved this station!

Nail Salon

Each guest got to paint a set of false nail tips, the kind they use at a nail salon to show you the nail polish colors they carry. We provided the false nails and dozens of nail polish colors and told them to paint each nail a different color. I told the girls they could use this for when they play nail salon at home. One little girl exclaimed her delight, “This is so fun! My mom never lets me paint nails by myself!” 

Hair Salon

After clipping in a hot pink hair extension, my sister did each girls hair into a quick updo using the hair claw they had decorated at the beginning of the party. The hot pink hair extension was easy to clip in and made such a big difference for just a few dollars! 


The birthday girl has been receiving makeup as a gift for birthdays and Christmas for the last couple of years (it was better than her constantly breaking into mine!) so we had a wide selection of makeup to use for this station. But I recommend stocking up at Dollar Tree, it is surprising how much you can find there! You could also order a kit online like this one!

After rotating to all of the stations, we ate dinner and served cupcakes. Then we took glamor shots with the cupcake picks as photo props. Then we passed out plenty of glow sticks and had a glow-in-the-dark dance with karaoke. The girls loved dancing in the dark and taking turns singing along with the party music. 

The Glam birthday party theme was really fun to work with and implement into every aspect. The party guests left happy and all glammed up and my daughter loved every minute of it!

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