Whipped Cottage Cheese Recipes (Dips, Desserts, and More!)


Whipped cottage cheese recipes make for delicious party food! Your guests will love any of these rich, creamy dishes!

It seems that whipped cottage cheese is all the rage these days! With its high protein and creamy, smooth texture, whipped cottage cheese has become a “new” and exciting ingredient to make food with. I have to say, I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but I have been converted, and soon you will be too.

So don’t miss out on the party! I’ve pulled together a bundle of whipped cottage cheese recipes that would be great to try out for your next gathering. With a variety of food styles (everything from dip to cheesecake to casserole), there is something for everyone to appreciate!

Savory Whipped Cottage Cheese Recipes

  1. Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

Even the pickiest of eaters love mac and cheese. With the addition of cottage cheese, this recipe becomes a sneaky way to pack in extra protein and nutrients into a classic comfort food. Got kids that are hard to feed? Give this one a go!

  1. Cottage Cheese Ranch Dip

Let’s be honest. Raw veggies really only get eaten if there’s a dip to go along with them. This whipped cottage cheese recipe uses ranch seasoning to create a thick, refreshing dip that will leave your friends and family coming back for more.

  1. Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a staple side dish for family meals. It’s just so hard to make them rich in flacor without adding a pound of butter!! If you want that buttery texture and creamy flavor without the clogged artieries, try this recipe for whipped cottage cheese mashed potatoes. You won’t go back!

  1. Tasty Onion Dip

Using whipped cottage cheese, you can create this thick, creamy dip that is perfect for chips, veggies, fries, or more! Everything from fried pickles to celery sticks can go with this! It’s definitely something you might like adding to your next food spread at a gathering or event.

  1. Cottage Cheese Toast

Avocado toast has been super popular lately, but have you tried cottage cheese toast? Whether you have it as a refreshing breakfast or a light lunch, it is a health concious meal that you can really make your own! Add it to your next brunch!

  1. Smooth Cottage Cheese Queso

Queso can be a great ingredient for making nachos or as a party appetizer. So while the jar of Tostitos or block of Velveeta are good, you should definitely try this recipe to make your own homemade queso.

  1. Cottage Cheese Cucumber Bites

Finger foods are a go-to for parties, and these cucumber bites are no different! They are crunchy, smooth, and so easy to prepare. Keep this recipe in mind for the next time you are entertaining.

  1. Creamy Caprese Dip

This dip offers all of the simplicity of a regular caprese salad, but in a delicious dip form. Served with toasted bread or crackers, it is a tasty party food to enjoy with friends and family!

  1. Potato Breakfast Casserole

Made with whipped cottage cheese, hashbrown, sausage, and more, this potato breakfast casserole is a hearty dish that you can’t help but love! It has a warm, cozy flavor that is great as a holiday breakfast or sleepover meal. Make it in bulk, because it will get eaten up!

Sweet Whipped Cottage Cheese Recipes

  1. Cherry Cheesecake Dip

While dips are often savory, they don’t have to be! This sweet cherry cheesecake dip is a wonderful dessert to serve for a large group. It can be enjoyed with pretzels, fruit, cookies, graham crackers, and more!

  1. Fluffy Raspberry Cake

This fluffy, sponge cake has a light sweetness that goes well with the fresh raspberries. It can be eaten along with afternoon tea, added to a brunch arrangement, or served as a post-dinner meal finisher. So yummy!

  1. Thick, Creamy Peach Smoothie

You may not have ever considered adding cottage cheese to your smoothies, but this peach smoothie just might change your mind. The whipped cottage cheese helps make it a rich, flavorful drink to enjoy after a workout, while sitting by the pool, or while chatting with friends!

  1. Whipped Cottage Cheese Banana Bowl

Plain old oatmeal can be a boring start to the morning. Try switching things up with this whipped cottage cheese banana bowl. It includes everything you need to get going for the day. Then you can have more energy to plan your kid’s birthday party, organize a work event, or celebrate the upcoming holiday.

  1. Brownie Cheesecake

Whether its Valentine’s day or Christmas dinner, this brownie cheesecake is the perfect, indulgent dessert to enjoy with those you love. It looks amazing, and tastes even better. The next time you want to add a little glamour to your meal, try adding this in!

  1. Whipped Chocolate Pudding

For all the chocolate lovers out there, this chocolate pudding is a MUST! The whipped cottage cheese gives it smooth texture that really allows the chocolate flavor to shine. Bring out this recipe the next time you want to impress! (or just have a delicious treat yourself)

Other Party/Entertaining Recipes to Try

Take your party to the next level with any of these amazing foods!

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