Teacher Appreciation Door Ideas (Wonka, Bluey, Berries, & More!)

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These teacher appreciation door ideas are colorful, and exciting. With themes like Wonka, berries, and Bluey there’s an idea for everyone!

Every year we decorate the teacher and staff doors at the elementary school as part of our Teacher Appreciation week.

Each classroom has room parents, and they take the door for their teacher. To make sure every room is covered, we send out a sign up for all of the other doors in the school.

We invite the decorators to follow the theme of the week, but also let them know that they are welcome to decorate it any way they like. This year our theme was Wonka and as you can see, many doors followed the theme. It was so fun to see the creativity of those who helped!

If you are looking for candy themed door decorations, there are so many great ideas here! Don’t see what you are looking for? Don’t worry, we have more posts with even more amazing door decorations. Just click here, here, here or here.

Teacher Appreciation Door Ideas

Here are 32 different door decoration ideas we used this year to celebrate our amazing teachers, technicians and faculty. They do so much that we wanted to express our gratitude through decorations and even this Wonka themed lunch-in!

Doors Inspired by Sweets, Candy, and Wonka!

  1. Ms. Robison is EGG-celent!
  2. Pop Pop Fizz Fizz Look How Awesome Mrs. B Is!
  3. Mrs. Creamer We Love You A Choco-lot!
  4. Pop Pop Fizz Fizz Bubbles
  1. We Got a Golden Ticket When We Got Mrs. Marriott!
  2. Mrs. Smith, Nothing Could Be Sweeter Than Being in Your Class!
  3. The Extraordinary Mr. Hales Creates Wonder And Magic For Us!
  4. The Secret Is….It’s Not The Chocolate That Matters. It’s the Teachers You Share It With! – Wonka’s Mom
  1. Nobody’s Sweeter Than Mrs. Averett
  2. Mrs. Jensen Is Our Golden Ticket
  3. Twisted Sugar Candies
  4. Mrs. Diede’s Classroom Is A World Of Pure Imagination – Chocolate River
  1. Mrs. Gull, You Make Reading A TREAT!
  2. Enter To A World Of Pure Imagination
  3. Oompa Loompa Doompa-Dee-Do
  4. We Got The Golden Ticket Having You For Speech
  1. Wonka Chocolate Bar
  2. Nobody’s Sweeter Than Miss Froerer!
  3. With A Teacher Like Mrs. Adams, Every Day Is A Golden Ticket Day
  4. Mrs. Sorensen Is Poppin
  1. You Have Left An Everlasting Impression On Us!
  2. Ms. Cope How Sweet It Is To Be Taught By You
  3. Mrs. Scott Is A Willy Good Egg-ucator!
  4. You Are The Berry Best

More Teacher Appreciation Door Ideas !

  1. Mrs. Lopez, Thanks For Planting Seeds Of Success
  2. We’d Be Blue Without You!
  3. Our Teachers and Technicians Are Out Of This World
  4. You’re Our Favorite Type Of Teacher
  1. Amazing Things Happen Here
  2. Best Queen Bee
  3. Mrs. Dietz Helps Us Soar To New Heights
  4. You Donut Know How Much You Are Loved

Other Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations

I have documented the door decorations we have done for teachers at my kids’ school. Here are some collections you’ll DEFINITELY want to look at!

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