Easy Cheese and Crackers Platter


As a kid, I was always starving when I got home from school. I’d get home, run into the kitchen, and make myself something to eat. While the snack I picked varied, one of my favorites was to have some cheese and crackers. I loved it because it was filling, tasty, and easy to make.

One highlight of cheese and cracker platters is that they can be used for just about any occasion. You can use use what you have in the fridge or tailor it for a fancy occasion with specialty cheeses and high quality ingredients. Because of this, they can be a nice addition to any party, shower, sports watching event, and even after school activities for the kids.

Another highlight is that you really can’t go wrong! You can personalize the contents of the platter to your liking. However, there are a few things that can elevate your board and make it more appealing to others. Below I have some easy tips and examples of food boards to help get you started!

Food Platters 101

When it comes to creating a cheese platter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Smooth Surface

You want to serve the food on a smooth, flat surface. Common options include a wooden board, large plate, or large tray. Using a tray can be helpful, since the curved edges can prevent spilling. In reality though, any of these can work well.

Easy Charcuterie Boards

2. Variety in flavors

A little variety goes a long way! Platters and charcuterie boards can get really expensive and overwhelming if you buy 20+ things to put on them. Generally, your guests will be satisfied with 3-5 options of both cheeses and crackers.

Cheese Platter For Kids

3. Variety in textures

Foods that excite our senses tend to be more enjoyable. You can make your platter more appealing by adding ingredients with different textures, thicknesses, and sizes. You can also accomplish this through different types of cheeses. Utilize things such as cream cheese, baked brie, a cheese ball, or hard crumbly cheeses like feta to diversify the board.

It can also be fun to keep in mind the aromatics and visual appeal!

Cheese and Crackers Tray

4. Colors

Many cheeses and crackers fall within the yellow-tan spectrum. This can leave your platter looking dull. Add a little color by including items such as cured meats, grapes, olives, nuts, honey, jams, balsamic, or fresh herbs. Not only will these add to the color dynamic, but they will present many more potential flavor combinations!

Boards on a Budget

And just like that you have a cheese and crackers platter that will be devoured!

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