Wedding Wednesday: Flower-free centerpieces ideas

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There are so many ways to dress your table at a luncheon, rehearsal dinner or reception. Not all of them have to be large arrangements of flowers. If you’ve done any research, you know how expensive flower arrangements are and many of these ideas come in at a fraction of that cost. I’m not a fan of silk flowers AT ALL – so if you can’t afford real flowers, go with a flower free centerpiece like one of these:

It’s your special day, so put you and your sweetheart on display! Frame photos from engagement shoot, bridal/groomal photo shoots or even include baby or school days photos with little descriptions. Buy frames at the dollar store and paint them in coordinating colors.

photos and candles

Make sure your venue allows an open flame, otherwise start hunting for flameless candles. This takes plain glass cylinder vases and personalizes them to your wedding. Just add paint and candles and you’ve got a centerpiece!painted vases

Birds and birdcage theme weddings are really popular, so use cute details like nests, stacked books, birdcages and twigs to dress your table.Non-Floral-Birdcage-Wedding-Centerpieces-01

Oh, I love these giant paper flowers! They make such a statement and I don’t miss the real flowers at all!!

giant paper flowers

A tall vase filled with fruit makes a bold color statement (and provides your guests with a snack). It is tied in nicely by the small green ribbon around the napkins and menu centerpiece

I love the combination of twigs and floating candles with a few floating “crystals”. Since tall cylinder vases can be expensive, use the 40% off coupons for Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s or Michaels and buy a couple each time you go, or BORROW! There are bound to be family and friends who have these in their homes so ask around – there is no reason you have to end up owning 40 cylinder vases!

candle and twig

Instead of having a large candy buffet, place jars and containers of candy at each table with scoops, treat bags and a little note telling guests to get up and mingle with other tables (so they can get different types of candy). If you are planning to have the candy anyway, this makes your centerpieces virtually free!

candy centerpiece

Mmmm…who doesn’t love dessert? I’ve been to a wedding where they had the dessert as their centerpiece and I was very happy about it. Whether you are serving donuts, cookies, pasteries/tarts or cupcakes, set them out for your guests to enjoy. Again, look among your family and friends for cake stands and serving pieces so you don’t have to purchase them all!donut centerpiece

A feather centerpiece can help carry out your theme if they are incorporated correctly, but be careful because the big fluffy feathers can look a little vegas-showgirl. I love the use of these peacock feathers, so tasteful and pretty!

peacock feathers


  1. I Love the candle and twigs in the cylindrical vases, just one question, how do you stop the twigs from floating up in the water, are they weighted down with something?

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