Super Bowl Dessert Dips

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What do you like about the Super Bowl? Some people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Others (not many) watch it for the football. Generally though, everyone loves the Super bowl because of all the good food!

When it comes to the Super Bowl, I feel like everyone talks about the savory snacks such as wings, nachos, and mozzarella sticks. But what about those cravings for something sweet?! Dessert dips can satisfy that craving but in a form that you can snack on over the course of the game.

Dessert Dips

Here I’ve gathered recipes for 17 different dessert dips that are sure to elevate your next celebration! There are common flavors like cream cheese and caramel and some more unique ones like white chocolate marshmallow and brownie. There’s something for everyone!

If you’re interested in seeing the full recipe and website for each dip, just click on the heading!


Chocolate is a universally loved flavor. Because of this, chocolate dip is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. If you have a more picky crowd, this is a great option.

Brownie Batter

Wanting to take that chocolate dip to the next level? Make it a brownie dip instead! This chocolate on chocolate recipe is for those who don’t just like chocolate, but LOVE it!

Oreo Dip

My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream, so this is a dip for me. My fellow Oreo lovers can’t tell me they wouldn’t want to dunk one of those juicy strawberries and enjoy a sweet, creamy treat.

Cookie Dough Dip

Calling all the cookie dough lovers. Yes you! The ones who have been told to get their hands out of the bowl and to wait for the cookies to come out. With this dip you can have your cookie dough and eat it too.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

I never really thought I was big into apples and caramel until one of my friends started bringing it over all the time. I’m definitely part of the fan club now. I mean, doesn’t that bite look amazing? And a nice thing about this recipe, is that the nuts are optional, so you can customize it to fit your likings.

Funfetti / Dunkaroo

The sprinkles give this dip some personality! Now I know that some people are particular about sprinkles because of how it affects the overall texture, so keep that in mind. If you want more crunch, try adding bits of circus animal cookies.

White Chocolate Marshmallow

This is like regular marshmallow fluff but with a more dense, rich quality to it. It pairs well with fruits and crackers, so its a versatile dip.

Key Lime

Sometimes the cream cheese in dips can make them feel kind of heavy. The acidity from the limes helps make this dip more light and refreshing.


I’ve brought this to a girls night, and let me tell you. It was a big hit! The marshmallows do harden if it cools, so maybe keep it on a low burner or rewarm it ever so often. Overall, it’s really easy and really tasty!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts, but I don’t always have the time to make it. Dips like this one can help satisfy that cheesecake craving without requiring all the effort of making a cheesecake. Pro tip: You could even switch which fruit you add to create whole new flavors.

Cream Cheese

This is probably the most common kind of dessert dip I have seen at parties and events. It’s simple flavor makes it easy to pair with just about any dipping snacks. Bring this one to any party and it’s sure to get eaten up.

Pumpkin Pie

A lot of people associate pumpkin flavored things with the fall, however it tastes great all year! If you don’t want to wait until fall to pull out the pumpkin, give this dip a try. Consider it food research for the upcoming football season in autumn.

Lemon Cream Pie

Similar to the key lime dip, this one also has a bright, citrusy quality. Lemon can go with just about any fruit, so enjoy this with a variety of dipping options.

Peanut Butter Fluff

Peanut Butter isn’t for everyone, but wow do I love it! Wether with a banana, apple slices, or pretzels, peanut butter is a common addition to snacks. It also makes for a great dessert party dip!


This snickerdoodle dip has a great, cinnamon flavor that works well with lots of different foods. It is smooth, creamy, and easily enjoyed.


Look at that bright pink color! This strawberry dip gets its flavor and color from a Jell-O mix. You could definitely add fresh bits of strawberry in if you wanted texture or real fruit in it.

Mint & Chocolate

Mint and chocolate are a well loved flavor combo. Not as many people like the mint flavor with fruit, but it can definitely go with crackers, pretzels, cookies, and biscuits.

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