The Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

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Having a hard time coming up with something to give the bride and groom? Here are the best wedding gift ideas for friends of the happy couple. 

It’s summertime folks! You know what that means? Wedding season!! I seriously know like 15 people getting married in the next 3 months. In fact, one of those people getting married is ME!

While it can be stressful at times, it is honestly so fun getting things ready for the special day. As I have been planning and prepping the last few months, I have had lots of time to think about what kinds of wedding gifts I’d love to receive or that would be good for any newly married couple in general. 

Even though I’m going to be a bride, I will also be a friend giving gifts at many of the other weddings this summer. I feel that this has given me a broader perspective on what types of items are helpful or appreciated by someone who is getting married. 

While I may not know the perfect wedding gift for your situation, I do know that anything you can give will be appreciated by the couple. You don’t have to spend lots of money on a gift for it to mean something to those receiving it. Just give something that you feel comfortable with! 

So, without further adieu, here are my ideas to help you find a great wedding gift! Fingers crossed that you’re able to use this guide to find something for your friends getting married!

Wedding Gift Ideas

In making this list, I tried to be really inclusive of all different circumstances and provide gift ideas with a range of price points. I know that we don’t all have hundreds of dollars to spend, even on our close friends. Haha

Of course there are gifts you could give that aren’t included in this list, but this provides a good base to get you thinking about the perfect gift for your friends. 

Get Something Off Their Wedding Registry 

I know, I know. This one is a given, but lots of guests forget that wedding registries are a thing. So here is a little info if you’re new to using registries. 

Where can you find a couple’s wedding registry? Most couples will add a little message on their invitation that says where they have registered. Typically this will be for places like Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Walmart. In order to view the items on the list, simply go to the website for the company and type in the name of either member of the happy couple. This should pull up the list they have made. 

Why get something from their wedding registry? Wedding registries are a great place to look for a gift. They are like gift guides! Here, the couple is able to make a list of items they are in need of or would like to have. If you don’t want to try and guess something that they would appreciate, this is a great resource. 

You’ll definitely find more traditional presents on a wedding registry. There are things like home decor, kitchen utensils and appliances, and other items for their new home. I’d say that registries are the safest place to get a gift you know they will like, since they essentially hand picked it themselves!


Another very reasonable gift is cash or Venmo. 

Some people feel weird about giving money as a gift, and I can understand that. You don’t want them to think that you put no thought or effort into their gift. Or maybe you feel self conscious about how much you are giving. Is it enough? Too much? Money can be tricky, but it can also be a really great gift option. 

Personally, I love giving and receiving money as a gift. Why? Because I KNOW that it will get appreciated and will be used. After all, what newlywed couple wouldn’t benefit from having some more cash??

Just last year one of my cousins got married. She told me that her and her husband used the cash and Venmo that they got from their wedding to pay for all of the activities and food on their honeymoon! It was nice, because they didn’t feel stressed. No money was coming out of their bank accounts, so they felt like they could just use those gifts to really enjoy their vacation together. 

When it comes down to it, I feel like the whole purpose of giving someone a gift is so they will know that you care. So, if you’re considering giving money as a gift, don’t doubt that it will valued. 

 Whether they use it on their honeymoon, or save it for the future, it will definitely help them out. While it might not seem like the most unique gift, it is practical!

Non Gift Wedding Gifts 

Ok so these gift ideas are definitely non traditional, but can be a huge blessing to a couple in need. 

If you have any talents/skills that could be used in planning your friend’s big day, offer those as your wedding gift! 

In my case, my Aunt knows how to make flower arrangements, so she offered to pay for and assemble all my flowers as a wedding gift. Since florists tend to be really expensive, I was extremely grateful for her generosity. 

Other ideas for a good non gift wedding gift include: 

– Be their photographer 

– Videography (of the first look, wedding vows, ring ceremony, reception, etc.) 

– DJ-ing – Every party needs someone to get it hype!

– Designing the invites

– Hair/makeup for the bride

– Alterations for the dress, suit, etc. 

– Wedding day coordinator

– Make their wedding cake  

While these gifts may not come in a pretty box with ribbon, they can be very thoughtful gifts that mean even more to the couple than a set of pans or a vacuum. If you’re able to contribute in any of these ways, definitely consider offering it! 

DIY Wedding Gifts 

If you’re thinking more along the lines of sentimental gifts or you want to give a gift online anything else they will receive from others, then a DIY might be the way to go.

I think that sometimes the phrase “DIY” can be pretty intimidating. But don’t worry, you don’t actually have to be super creative or artsy to make one of these gifts. 

Wedding gifts you can design/make yourself: 

– Personalized Photo Book  –  There are lots of different sites you can use. Some are more simple such as Google book maker, or more complex ones such as Mixbook and Shutterfly. Each site offers different sizes, prices, and design aspects. Regardless, any photo album would be a super individualized, heartfelt gift. 

– Honeymoon basket – Take a basket and fill it with little trinkets for their honeymoon. You can add things like their favorite snacks, sunscreen, cute sunglasses, a gift card, and more. Definitely a unique wedding gift! 

– Custom Blanket – There are tons of different companies that will allow you to make a custom blanket. The nice thing about this, is that you can create a collage or just have a single photo. The photo could be of you and your friend, the couple getting married, a scenic place, favorite quote, and so much more. Just make sure the pic(s) you use are high quality. Lots of possibilities! 

– Photo Pillows – If you feel like a photo blanket is too much, get them pillows instead! Still a fun, customized piece of decor. 

– Design a Calendar with their Photos – If you have a decent number of photos you’d like to highlight about your friendship or the couple getting married, make them a calendar. You can add your own personal touch with the colors, lettering, and chosen images. Not only is it useful, but personalized too. 

– Custom Print Kitchen Towels – This is a super cute gift that is simple yet individualized. 

– Special Order Door Mat – Do you and your friend have a funny inside joke or a special greeting? Put it on a door mat, so they can smile every time they come home. 

– Digital Prints Off Of Etsy – I have seen so many different Etsy sellers that do print designs to capture special moments. For your print you could use your favorite photo together or one of y’all from the wedding day. 

– Friendship Ornament – This is defining a better gift close to the holidays, but it is something from the heart. 

– Personalized Cutting Board – Most of the ones I’ve seen have the couple’s last name, but you could get any phrase you want put on the cutting board. This is just an easy way to elevate a home good. 

Gift cards 

Gift cards are great because they provide monetary value, similar to cash or Venmo, but can demonstrate a little more intention behind the gift. If you know places that the happy couple generally shops at or goes to, then you can get them a gift card as their wedding gift. 

I know that one challenge for couples can be transporting all their gifts and belongings home after their reception, especially if they are leaving on their honeymoon soon after. A benefit of giving gift cards as a wedding gift is that they are a small, easily portable gift!

Gift Card Suggestions for the Bride and Groom:

– Airbnb/Hotel – Depending on when they plan their honeymoon, this could potentially help the newlywed couple pay for their travels. And even if they aren’t able to use it on their honeymoon,  it will certainly encourage them to vacay in the future. 

– Home Depot/ Lowes – I feel like the groom often gets forgotten in the gifts. It’s easy to get cutesy things that the wife will love but what about the guy?? A gift card to a home improvement store is just the thing so that he can get tools he wants! A practical gift for sure. 

– Couples Massage – I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of pretty much anything that helps me relax. Anddd I’d bet that your friends getting married feel the same way. A couple’s massage would be a great gift for them. 

– Their Fav Restaurant – If you don’t already know their favorite places to eat, you can always consult their family members. As newlyweds, there are a lot of big changes and adjustments. A gift card to a food place can provide the perfect break from cooking on a busy night. 

Subscription Payment 

I honestly haven’t heard of many people giving this as a gift, but I think it would be genius. There are so many subscriptions that people have or would like to have. Why not help them pay for it? 

Popular Subscriptions:

– Spotify/ Apple Music – Most people I know pay for some kind of music steaming service. If you know which one they use, you can get them an annual card to pay for that service for a year. 

– Netflix/HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus – Similar to music, I’d say that most of my family and friends pay for at least one online streaming service. You could always get them a year long plan or just pay for a month or 2 so they can watch that new show they’ve been talking about. 

– Amazon Prime (comes with Prime Video) – A nice thing about Amazon prime is that along with free shipping and deals, you also get Prime video. For people who online shop a lot, this can be a really good wedding gift. 

– Hello Fresh/Blue Apron – Recently my fiancé and I did a trial for Hello Fresh and it was actually so fun! We felt like kids on Christmas opening up the box to see what recipes they sent us, and we had a lot of fun cooking the meals together. While we wouldn’t normally pay for a meal subscription, we enjoyed the experience. For those who like to cook, this can be a fun service. 

– Stitch Fix – So one of my cousins actually told me about this one. It’s a service that sends you a box of clothes each month. Over time, they get a better understanding of your style and can send you more “You” clothing. I know quite a few people who hate shopping, so if the couple getting married falls into that category, hook them up with Stitch Fix. 

– There are also other subscriptions for things such as skincare, fresh flowers, cute underwear, and more.

I tried to highlight the most popular subscriptions I know of, but there’s a subscription for just about anything you can think of out there! 

Other Wedding Gift Ideas

Here are some other options that don’t quite fit into the other categories of wedding gifts. 

Trendy Gift Items:

– 100 Date Scratch Off Poster – Recently these have become popular, and I love it! Coming up with creative date ideas can be a struggle sometimes, so this helps keep the spark alive.

– Tinggly Give Stories, Not Stuff gift box – This is just the kind of gift for the travel enthusiasts. The box comes with over 800 options for travel excursions you can choose from around the world. Definitely a good option for love birds who want adventure and spontaneity. 

– Concert Tickets – If you know the couple’s music taste, it could be a really fun surprise for you to give them 

– Travel Map – For your friends who love to travel, this can be a fun trinket to encourage them to continue exploring the world! 

– Instant Camera – Make sure to buy them some film too! This is just the thing for your friends to take with them on their trips. 

– Anniversary journal – Have you seen the “Our Adventure Book” in the Disney movie UP? Anniversary Journals kind of remind me of that. Perfect thing to help your friends document their love story! 

– Couples Mugs – Get them some Mr. & Mrs. mugs! Simply, cute, and useful. What more could you need?

– Digital Photo Frame – A few years ago my mom got one of these, and wow photo frames are cool! She gets so excited to see all of our past photos show up. A married couple would love something like this, so they can add the photos from their relationship so far and add more over time. Talk about a tender gift!!

Hopefully this list helps you come up with the best wedding gifts! 

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