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Inexpensive Centerpieces

Whether you’re decorating for a baptism luncheon, church activity, ladies lunch or any other event with lots of people, chances are you’re on a budget. I was asked by my sister to brainstorm some inexpensive centerpieces for her and thought I’d share the list I sent her with you. She was doing centerpiecesfor a large family lunch being held after a baptism and wanted something cute, but that wouldn’t break the bank either. Many of them double as favors for guests to take home, or have uses after the party is over!

Inexpensive DIY Centerpieces - Events To Celebrate

20 Inexpensive Centerpieces:

1 – House plants, potted flowers or a small pine tree (during the holidays) placed in a cute pot or wrapped in coordinating paper and tied with a ribbon are simple, and have a purpose after the event

2 – A cowboy boot filled with wheat or daisies

3 – A balloon bouquet – not helium filled

4 – A solid color gift bag filled with tissue paper and a few balloons on white plastic sticks coming out of it

5 – Place a large Tissue Paper Pom Pom in the center with confetti scattered around

6 – A vase filled with Tissue Paper Flowers (like these I made for Mother’s Day

Tissue Paper Flower - Mother's Day Gift

6 – A cylindar vase filled with wrapped candies, fruit or ornaments

7 – Serve the desserts on the table – a cake stand piled high with donuts or cupcakes looks cute and tastes great!

8 – Giant homemade party cone hats that have fun and crafty decorations (glitter, pom poms, tassels)

9 – Spray paint or wrap in scrapbook paper empty tin cans in different colors and put three on a table with white flowers in each one or make paper pinwheels to adhere to bamboo skewers and fill each container with a few pin wheels

10 – Grow wheat grass in tinfoil containers and wrap the base in streamers to hid the tin foil (like these I made for a Butterfly Themed Birthday Party)

Butterfly Themed Party - growing wheat grass -

11 – Purchase candlesticks from a thrift store and spray paint them a solid color. Add a small tissue paper pom pom to the top. Put two on each table.

12 – Add Mod Podge to the bottom half of a clear glass canning jar and roll it in glitter or dip in craft paint

13 – Make a small double or triple layer cake for each table and add a pennant banner on sticks for a cake topper

14 – Wrap empty boxes in wrapping paper and top with lots of cute ribbon (like these from this Jungle Party)

Jungle Birthday Party Centerpiece

15 – Thin tree branches (like willow tree) spray painted and displayed in a cylinder vase

16 – Candy display – a bouquet of suckers, candy sticks or a bamboo skewer of treats all displayed in a vase (you could do something like these Mustache Suckers I made for this shower)

Sucker Bouquet Centerpiece

17 – Paper bag or tin can luminaries (make sure your venue allows open flames)

18 – String photos, Chinese lanterns, upside down balloons (put a marble in each one to help weigh it down) , 3D Snowflakes or tissue paper pom poms and hang them from the ceiling in a small cluster in the center of each table. I like to hang mine with fishing line and use a glue dot to adhere the string to a thumb tack that is pushed into the ceiling. (like these balloons from a Barney Themed party or the photos from my In-Laws 60th Birthday Celebration)

Balloon chandelier

Bold Birthday Decorations

 19 – Grow your own herbs in small terracotta pots and display a few on each table. (Like these featured in Good Housekeeping)


20 – Stack a few books on each table and add a teacup or two on saucers at the top of the stack. Add a single large bloom flower (like a peony) to each teacup. 

Here are a few other ideas that are specific to weddings, but would also work really great!

Wedding Survival Kit

Crap happens, even on your wedding day. It feels like sometimes crap happens because it is your wedding day. You work for months to plan every detail, but inevitably something will happen. So, I love the idea of giving the beautiful bride a WEDDING SURVIVAL KIT! Put it all in a cute bag or container and you’ve got a great gift! It contains a few essentials that will come in handy in the brides get-ready room or just to keep nearby at the reception. 

Wedding Survival Kit

I included:

  • sewing Kit 
  • lip gloss
  • scented lotion
  • clorox Pen
  • pocket size tissues
  • bobby pins
  • hairspray
  • bandaids
  • disposable toothbrushes
  • lint roller
  • deoderant
  • energy bars (what bride actually gets a meal on their wedding day?)
  • tylenol
  • safety pins
  • gum
  • double sided tape (keep those girls in place please!)
  • breath mints
  • diet coke


Ideas For Decorating Large Spaces

Just as in home decor, the size of your space determines the scale of furniture, accents and lighting. When you have a large space to decorate you will find that using larger pieces will bring greater impact. My sister recently hosted a surprise birthday party for her friend and I loved the decorations she made for the party. They were the perfect, bold and fun statement to transform the space from a mulit-purpose basketball hall to a party room. Best of all, her decorations demonstrate that having a large space does not always equal the need for a large budget.

We were still setting things up a little bit (isn’t that always how it goes, once the party is going you just get going and don’t take pictures!) but you’ll get the idea:


She purchased colored butcher paper at Zurchers. They offer several colors and it is only about $.50 per yard! You can also find it at craft stores and other party supply stores for very similar prices. She was inspired by this post on crepe paper fringe (you can buy the large rolls of crepe paper here). To create fringe from the paper she cut long 12″ strips and used a paper cutter to slice it into fringe. She also hand drew the Happy Birthday sign – don’t you want to hate people that have good handwriting? Mine is bad, and just gets worse when I write on a chalkboard or am trying to make a sign.


The fringe was hung from the center of each end of the rectangular shaped room and draped out to each side. She also made – and this is actually my favorite detailpaper airplane garlands that hung on each side as well. I wish the photos showed them better, because they were so cute. I loved that they were modern and perfect for her Art teaching friend, but not trendy and overdone. Maybe they will be after this post since they really were SO CUTE! Let’s start a paper airplane trend, k?


Down the center of the room, from end to end, she hung large 24″ green and white paper lanterns with paper airplanes in between each lantern. Important note, she selected a bright, crisp color pallet and didn’t add in any pattern. There is a lot of texture with the fringe, airplanes and lanterns, but pattern would get lost in such a large space.  IMG_0704

Unfortunately, my photos of the entire room turned out blurry – thanks in part to the fact that I was trying to wrestle my wiggly toddler in one arm and part to the fact that I was taking photos with my phone since I forgot my real camera. Fortunately, you get the idea that the large blocks of color, paired with the large scale and choosing texture over pattern for visual interest.

1920’s Poker Themed Bachelorette Party

Next week I’m going to do a series of Mother’s Day posts so we won’t have a Wedding Wednesday – so this is your lucky week with 2 wedding related posts!

I love a bachelorette party because usually the guest list is smaller and you can plan fun activities. At a bridal shower you’ve got all of your relatives there and they tend to be pretty subdued. So, even though we (our family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – commonly known as Mormons) don’t drink alcohol, don’t go to male review clubs and don’t gamble with actual money – that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a REALLY fun night with your girlfriends! It’s a great break, for the bride especially, to get away from the stress of planning the wedding. My creative niece Alix recently hosted a 1920’s poker themed bachelorette party for her friend and I want to share the super cute details with you. You can also read her first hand account here.

Poker Night Bachelorette Party

I LOVE that they named it The Dirty Mug and the strung lights to give it a back alley touch.

Poker Night Bachelorette Party Poker Night Bachelorette Party

Each guest had a cute place card holder with a photo from the prohibition era – so creative!

Poker Night Bachelorette Party

Of course they had poker snacks – including pearl sixlets, bubble gum cigars (found at PartyLand) and chex mix.

Poker Night Bachelorette Party


Guests dressed up in 1920’s era clothes to add to the fun! (I want to be in this group of friends, I LOVE dressing up!)

Poker Night Bachelorette Party Poker Night Bachelorette Party

My nieces dapper husband played bartender serving the girls mocktails (alcohol free cocktails) and then sat in as the dealer for poker.

Poker Night Bachelorette Party Poker Night Bachelorette Party

Its a simple party to throw together but a night they will always remember! Pick up some cards, a few snacks and drinks and plan your own poker night! (I would have to play Old Maid and Uno since I have no idea how to play poker) 🙂

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