Baby Shower Game: Poopy Diaper Game

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Looking for a fun baby shower game? Baby shower games don’t have to be super lame. In fact, they can be a fun element of the baby shower that gets guests interacting and amp up the party atmosphere.

Even if you are in the camp of hating all shower games, you have to understand that some type of activity is necessary especially if you are bringing guests together from different groups of your life (work, friends, family, neighborhood, etc.).

If all you plan is eating (and don’t get me wrong, the food is VERY important!), there will be more than a few guests that suddenly have an excuse to leave because they are bored.

I have over 50 nieces and nephews and almost a dozen great nieces and nephews so I’ve attended and hosted my share of showers. There have been lots of lame games. I don’t think this poopy diaper baby shower game is one of them. We did it last weekend at my nieces shower and everyone had a great time! 

Poopy Diaper Baby Shower Game

Poopy Diaper Baby Shower

Poopy Diaper Game Supplies Needed:

  • 6 clean diapers (I find that newborn or size 1 are best)
  • A variety of fun size candy bars
  • Spoon, bowl
  • Microwave
  • Marker
  • Printed out game cards (see below)

Preparations for poopy diaper game:

  • Set the 6 diapers out and place 3 types of candy bar by each one.
  • Unwrap and roughly chop each candy bar and place in the bowl.
  • Microwave all 3 types of candy bar in the bowl for about 10 – 15 seconds.
  • Stir just a little bit and spoon into a clean diaper.
  • Roll it up and mark it with the number on the outside of the diaper.
  • Continue with all 6 diapers
Poopy Diaper Baby Shower
Poopy Diaper Baby Shower
Poopy Diaper Baby Shower

To Play diaper game:

Hand a game card and pen to each player. Pass out the 6 diapers and allow players to unwrap them. They must guess what 3 candy bars are in each diaper and write down their guesses on the player card. Players may touch, smell and taste (if they dare!) the candy. Once all diapers have circulated the group the leader reads the correct combinations. The player with the most correct answers WINS! (there are 18 points possible)

Tip: If you prepare these a day or two ahead, just open the diapers and microwave them for 10-15 seconds right before playing the game to soften them up a bit. 

Here is the FREE PRINTABLE master sheet: Baby Shower Poopy Diaper Game

Here is the FREE PRINTABLE player cards (I did them on black and white on purpose so you can print them on whatever color paper matches your shower)Baby Shower Poopy Diapers Player Cards

The poopy diaper game

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