Wedding Survival Kit

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Crap happens, even on your wedding day. It feels like sometimes crap happens because it is your wedding day. You work for months to plan every detail, but inevitably something will happen. So, I love the idea of giving the beautiful bride a WEDDING SURVIVAL KIT! Put it all in a cute bag or container and you’ve got a great gift! It contains a few essentials that will come in handy in the brides get-ready room or just to keep nearby at the reception. 

Wedding Survival Kit

I included:

  • sewing Kit
  • lip gloss
  • scented lotion
  • clorox Pen
  • pocket size tissues
  • bobby pins
  • hairspray
  • Band-Aids
  • disposable toothbrushes
  • lint roller
  • deodorant
  • energy bars (what bride actually gets a meal on their wedding day?)
  • Tylenol
  • safety pins
  • gum
  • double sided tape (keep those girls in place please!)
  • breath mints
  • diet coke


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  1. So true! This is so helpful….even if you have people who want to help, but you don’t know what to ask them to do. You could totally delegate this to an aunt-put together survival kits for your wedding party! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

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