Despicable Me Birthday Party

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This incredible Despicable Me birthday party was submitted by Rochelle Wilde. She is a stay at home mother of 5 (with one more on the way) and lives in Ohio. If you looked in the dictionary under Super-Mom, you’d see her photo. She cooks, bakes, sews and crafts all while she raises completely adorable children. Her creativity and cake decorating skills are ridiculous.

Despicable Me Birthday Party Ideas! Events to Celebrate!

Here are the minion-ized invites:

Despicable Me Invitations

Okay, there are actually two really big reasons why I love these cupcakes. First, they use Twinkies, which I can down an entire box of. Second, they are so darling!!

Despicable Me cupcakes

She referenced a tutorial found here on how to make the minions. But really, I know if I tried to do that they would end up looking like a lump of rainbow play dough that my 2 year old plays with. Well done! Her son specifically requested that the minions be “eating” the cake. 🙂

Despicable Me Cake

I love the simple, but well thought decorations.

Despicable Me Decorations

As guests arrived they each got to decorate their own pair of minion glasses.

Despicable Me Party Craft

Then it was on to playing Gru Says.

Despicable Me Game

That was followed by Finding the Moon and the Fluffy Unicorn dart game

Despicable Me Hide The Moon Game
Despicable Me Party Game

Each child was sent home with their own perfect package of Coconutties (Graham crackers – since her son is named Graham).

Despicable Me Party Favor

If you’re planning the party for a younger crowd you could also have them color a Despicable Me coloring page – find some free printable ones here.

Looking for some really cute Despicable Me cups/plates/napkins for cheap? Click here.

Don’t have time to make a lot of decorations – here are some that are perfect! Click here.

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Despicable Me Birthday Party


  1. First of all, wow, I am impressed!
    Secondly, I am having a minion themed birthday party for my 4 year old and was desperate trying to find a fun game for everyone. I LOVE the Unicorn Dart game! But tell me, HOW did you make that UFO????? I’m assuming it’s cardboard? Did you glue white paper on it and then color it in? I would love mine to turn out as cute as yours!
    OH, and btw, the party’s in 2 weeks. No rush! 😉



    1. Jen- I believe she just cut the twinkies in half and used a smartie for the eye and piped black icing for the details. Thanks for coming by and checking out the fun ideas – good luck planning your own Despicable Me party!

    1. Keri-
      The foam glasses and foam stickers they decorated them with were purchased at the store. The kids decorated their own pair.

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