5 Inexpensive Clean Bridal or Bachelorette Party Ideas


The season of weddings is upon us and with that comes lots of parties and get-togethers! A few weeks ago, I had a great opportunity to plan a bachelorette party and bridal shower for my sister-in-law. I had some really fun games planned out and I want to share them with you.

We all love these simple games because they are cheap, everyone can be involved, and helps us get to know the bride and the groom. I also find it important to keep them clean. I don’t want anyone to feel out of place and for everyone to feel welcome.

1.Who Knows Who Better- Fiancé Style

This game is so fun. It does take a small amount of preparation prior to the shower, and is totally worth it. Here is a free print out of the game.

First, you’ll need to pull the groom aside prior to the shower and ask him the questions in the print out. Then at the shower you’ll ask the bride all the same questions. To see how many she will get correct.

A fun twist to the game is offering the bride prizes based on the questions they answered “correctly”. Some fun ideas for prizes would be a chocolate kiss for the kiss question, a game for competitive, and a new movie. Others could be a treat, gift card, or money for each question that they get correct (according to the groom).

2. Wedding Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a fun activity but do take a little bit of time to set up. Talk to a couple of people before the shower, and see if they’d be willing to drive around town.

Now the next step can be done a couple of different ways. The first option is, give everyone a list of items that they need to find and send them on their way.

The second option is having you leave clues around town for them to find. Places and things that may be important to the bride and or groom.

Then lay out some ground rules. This step is so important because if they are at all competitive, like me, they may have every trick up there sleeve. Some of them might not be completely fair if the other group is left out.

 A few rules I like are, that either everything has to be found in this house, or only 1 to 2 items found at each location. Stay within 10 miles of the house. You only have 1 hour to complete it. If you don’t have a picture and the whole group in it, it doesn’t count, etc.

When you get back from your adventure share the pictures that your group took.

Deciding a winner. This can also be done in a couple of different ways. One way that works is the group that found the most things wins. The other way is by the group that found the most items, but they aren’t the same as the others. This means eliminating locations by the pictures that were taken.

3. Best dress for the Bride

The best dress for the bride game is so fun. Split the party into groups of 3 or 4 individuals. Chose a “bride” to be. The goal of the game is to make the best gown for the “bride” to be out of toilet paper.

Each group will be given a roll of toilet paper. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for the dress to be made. At the end, have everyone or just the bride vote for the best dress.

A fun alternative is if the groom is present at the shower involving him. Have the groups make a dress for the bride and a tux for the groom. Be sure to take lots of photos because this is a memory you won’t want to forget!

4. Wedding Cake Party

This is such a unique activity and can take a long time or be fairly quick. This activity by far takes more preparation than most other games if you do it all yourself.

Items that will need to be prepared beforehand are individual cakes for each member of the party. Frosting is put into pipping and decorations. You can use edible or non-edible for the décor.

Prepare your kitchen by laying everything out for people to come and choose. Tell them that they will all need a cake, frosting, and some décor items.

This next step really depends on how long you are wanting to spend. I typically think about 20-25 minutes for the actual decorating is plenty, but you can have it take up to an hour.

Once the cakes are all done being decorated, take pictures of them! Then have the bride come around and choose which cake she wants for her “wedding” cake.

5. Bridal Bingo

Everyone loves a great bingo game. This is so fun especially when you personalize it. Have the spaces be something that is related to the bride or the groom.

For example, a word where their first date was, favorite activity to do together, wedding date, first date, wedding color, etc.

See an example here!

In the end, a wedding isn’t a wedding without all the fun get-togethers and parties. Make sure that your bride feels special because after all, they are the reason you are celebrating!

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