Fun-filled Easter Crafts for Preschoolers and Kids

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These 25 Easter crafts for preschoolers and kids have everything from bunnies to paint to Easter eggs and more. There is something for every age. It’s holiday entertainment made simple!

Take advantage of the Easter season by using these 25 Easter crafts for preschoolers and kids to create a memory with your family!

Easter is a beautiful time of year filled with hope for the future, delicious candies, and pastel color palettes. With tales of the Easter Bunny and stories of the risen Christ, it is a time of wonder and awe for many.

This year, you can use it to connect with your kids and bring a little more magic to the holiday.

So, let’s help you find the Easter craft that’s right for you! In this article, we include a variety of crafts focused on bunnies, eggs, and other Easter symbols. There’s a little something for anybody and everybody!

Bunny Easter Crafts

1. Hand Print Bunnies – By tracing your little one’s hand, you can create these ADORABLE mini bunnies! Just look at their tiny paws and whiskers! With the small supply list and simple instructions, this is THE craft for preschoolers! Plus, there’s the added bonus of hand-eye coordination practice!

2. Bunny Ears Headband – Help your kids channel their inner Easter bunny by making these rockin’ bunny ear headbands! We all know that kids love crafts they can wear. I mean, they have to show off their hard work somehow, right?! So, grab your scissors, colored paper, and glue sticks, and get started!

3. Peeps Stamp Art – Are you in need of some Easter refrigerator art?! Because this holiday paint project is going to melt your momma heart! All you need are some pastel paints, Peep marshmallows, and painting canvases. So cute!

4. Footprint Bunnies – I’ll admit, sometimes there’s the toss-up of deciding whether or not you want to hand your kids paint. Parents get it. It can get messy pretty quickly……However, if you’re up for the challenge, these footprint bunnies are the cutest! Your kids don’t stay little forever, so this can be a fun way to document their growth and celebrate the Easter season.

5. Tin Can Bunny Planter – These tin can planters are a perfect way to decorate for both Easter AND Spring! You can fill them with seeds, plant a seedling, or even add a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers. The possibilities are endless with these repurposed materials!

6. Paper Bag Bunnies – Do your kids ever want to put on a show for you? I know my sister and I would always plan little dance routines or puppet shows to impress our family. So, for the little actor in your home, making a paper bag bunny might be the perfect afternoon activity. They can make bunnies, chicks, sheep, and so much more!

7. Fingerprint Bunny Craft – No matter the age, any kid can pull off a fingerprint painting. Even toddlers! So, if you have a variety of ages in your group, sit them down to enjoy this rainbow bunny craft. It is a guarantee for fun and creativity.

8. Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny – If you are like our house, you go through PLENTY of toilet paper. Just grab a couple of those toilet paper rolls and let your kids turn them into these cartoon bunny characters. I swear there is nothing more satisfying than finding new ways to entertain your kids without spending money. This craft is a project the whole family can appreciate!

9. Sponge Painted Bunny – Using a stencil, you can create this fun bunny outline effect. I’ll admit, it does take a second of prep time, but the results are so fun! Well worth the time!

Easter Egg Crafts

10. Painted Noodles DIY Easter Egg – Kids love to pick things up. Touch them. Feel them. Ask questions. It’s how they learn and grow. This craft uses painted dry noodles to make a more tactile experience for kids as they decorate an Easter egg. I love it!

11. Easter Egg Painted Rocks – You know what’s great about this activity? It can be a 2 part form of entertainment. For part one, send your kids out into the backyard or neighborhood to find a nice smooth rock to paint. They will love the adventure of exploring the outdoors, especially with the warmer Spring weather. Then, they can use the rocks they find to make these adorable Easter egg rocks. How cute is that?!

12. Baking Soda Easter Egg Ornaments – Does your kid like baking? slime? fidget toys? If so, they will love mixing up this batch of dough and baking it to make egg ornaments. Then once the ornaments are hard, your child can go to town on decorating it. These baking soda ornaments are what we call a recipe for fun!

13. Easter Egg Wreath – Got lots of patterned paper? Pull it out and let your kids design their own Easter egg wreath with it. Each child can come up with their own unique look by choosing which colors to add to their wreath. And when the wreaths are all done, they can be hung outside the child’s bedroom door!

14. Easter Egg Suncatcher – For kids who love to color, making suncatchers is an exhilarating activity! They can experiment with all kinds of color combinations and “tie-dye” egg designs. Whether you have a toddler, preschooler, or older child, this is something they all could enjoy making.

15. Bubble Wrap Easter Egg Painting – I am a big fan of taking things I already have and repurposing them, and I’m sure you are too. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love things that are cheap and easy?! That is why I love that this craft uses bubble wrap as a painting tool. It’s imaginative, smart, and very kid-friendly!

16. Stamped Easter Egg – There’s something about stamps that is just so fun for kids! They love the ease of coating the stamp in paint, pressing the stamp down, and revealing a perfect shape. For the preschooler that is working on their coordination, these Easter egg stamps are going to produce lots of smiles! (and circles haha)

17. Tissue Paper Egg – This art project for kids uses tissue paper to make a beautiful suncatcher to hang in the window. When the light hits it just right, it will produce rays of glowing light that are almost magical! It is pretty similar to the suncatcher mentioned earlier, except this one uses tissue paper rather than markers. Definitely a project your kids will love!

18. Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs – Got a scientist in the house? They will love putting on an apron and gloves to dye Easter eggs in shaving cream! Shoot, I think any age could have fun with this. It is vibrant, colorful, and hands-on.

Other Easter Crafts

19. Name Easter basket – Give your preschooler a chance to practice writing their alphabet letters with this name Easter basket craft. Each letter can go on an Easter egg and help fill their basket. It’s a learning opportunity that is festive and fun-filled!

20. Paper Plate Chicks – Using a free printable that is provided, you can help your child or class make this heartwarming scene of a baby chick hatching! With its fresh wings and googly eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love with this precious symbol of Spring!

21. Lamb Cotton Ball Wreath – With this cotton ball craft, you can teach your child about the meaning of Easter symbols, such as sheep. However, that isn’t the only reason to love this craft. It is also a fun (and adorable!) use of texture.

22. Popsicle Stick Chicks – Little baby chicks are a prominent symbol of Easter. This is because they often hatch around this time of year (Feb – May) and are representative of new life! But that isn’t the only reason we love them. They also make for a super doable art project for young kids! Grab your popsicle sticks and glue gun, because you won’t want to miss out on this kid-friendly craft.

23. Egg Carton Flowers – If you dye eggs this Easter, you will likely have a few egg cartons lying around. Rather than tossing them out, reuse them to make these gorgeous egg carton flowers! Through this activity, you can affordably entertain your kids, reduce waste, and add a long-lasting Easter decoration to your home!

24. Fork-Stamped Tulips – You really don’t need much to make this craft happen, and that is why we love it! Using simple items around your home, you can help your kids embrace the beauty of Spring and Easter by helping them create their own garden of tulips!

25. Pipe Cleaner Flowers – With some beads and a few pipe cleaners, your little ones can handcraft their own bouquet of flowers. Except these aren’t the ones that you will have to throw out in a week. Instead, these are treasures that you can hold on to forever!

26. Paper Plate Easter Baskets – Buying and storing Easter egg baskets can be a lot. They are just so bulky, especially for only being used once a year. Instead of all that hassle, this is an Easter craft for preschoolers and kids that is very achievable, customizable, and exciting! Using paper plates, they can build a basket and decorate it to their desires. That’s what I call a win!!

27. Carrots in the Garden – Through this “Carrots in the Garden” activity, you can help your kids learn about nature, growth, the need for consistent nourishment, and so much more. It is a great application for talking about Easter. AND it is a manageable craft for kids. Love it!

Other Easter Inspiration

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